Gene Lyles
Lancaster, Texas

One of the latest and most complete books of - its kind is an Encyclopedia of Religion edited by Dr. Vergilius Fern, and published by the Philosophical Society of New York. It gives an accurate definition of how the term "Campbellite" is used today. On page 116 we quote the following:

"Campbellites: a term sometimes applied to the Disciples of Christ; (1) Whimsically by themselves; (2) ignorantly by the non-church public; (3) viciously, as well as ignorantly, by the less enlightened sects--Obsolescent, with the general advance of religious intelligence and interdenominational courtesy."

NOTE: There are three reasons why people use the term "Campbellite." 1. Whimsically, that is, in fun. 2. Ignorantly, that is, they don't know any better. 3. Viciously, that is, they are downright malicious or mean."

Truth Magazine VII: 11, pp. 7b
August 1963