A Busy Morning in the Bishop's Office

Robert F. Turner
Burnet, Texas

"We must be resolute and firm," the Bishop said. "It is most un-American for tax supported hospitals to supply birth-control services. "

"But information in planned parenthood is in the public interest," replied his visitor. "What is un-American about this?"

"It is un-American," the Bishop answered, "because it uses tax funds, provided by people of all faiths, to promote something contrary to the faith of many of those tax-payers." And he smiled with self-satisfaction.

The first visitor left, and the Bishop turned to his next caller.

"We must be resolute and firm," he said. "With patience and persistence, -- and an active lobby--we shall obtain public funds for our parochial schools."

"But there is stiff opposition," the caller said. "Some say it is un-American to use tax funds taken from all the people, to promote something contrary to the faith of many of the tax-payers.'

"Nonsense," cried the Bishop. "The truth, as taught by our church, is in the public interest; and therefore an all-American need."


Truth Magazine VII: 11, pp. 18b
August 1963