Does God Exist?

Donald P. Ames
Aurora, Illinois

The question is raised: "Just what is God-- Is He a person who lives, like you and me?

Is He real or fiction, seen or unknown?

And can I be sure that He is a reality?"

Donald P. Ames

Well, God is a spirit, which we cannot see,

Tho' He is ever near-- like gas or the wind.

He has no body, human shape or form--

But evidence shows where He is and has been.

We can see His hand in the universe-

In the heavenly bodies He has placed in space,

In the moon and the stars He has set for signs,

In the sun as it warms the human race.

We can see His hand in nature so fair,

In the rain, the grass, the flowers so bright;

In the winter or summer, fall or spring,

For He guides it all so all will be right.

We can see His hand in the animal world:

The birds, fish, animals and man,

For these show both purpose and design.

Account for them? Evolution can't--

God can!

We see His design in the human body,

In our nervous system so complex,

In our bones so strong and brain so keen,

Yes, and when we begin our muscles to flex.

Oh, evolution claims it all came by chance,

That God is myth and superstition,

But try tho' it will, purpose and design remain

To bear out the Bible account of creation.

For all of these are too complex, and yet,

They are so neatly arranged and coordinated,

That lost is the theory it all came by chance--

As they must be, to a higher power, subordinated.

Truth Magazine VII: 11, pp. 21a
August 1963