Brother Ray Votaw

It has been reported to us through several sources that Brother Ray Votaw thus far has been unable to raise all the support he needs to return to work in Africa. Brother O. C. Birdwell of Kansas City, Missouri recently wrote:

"I also became acquainted with brother Ray Votaw, and heard him tell of his plans to return to the Republic of South Africa, and of his failure, so far, to raise adequate support. Brother Votaw has spent eight years of his life in Africa, and is a valuable man in the work there. He is a capable preacher and one that stands firmly for the truth and doesn't care for brethren knowing it. He emphasized the need for sound men in Africa. Any church in position to support, to any extent, a good man in a needy field, should contact Ray Votaw, Box 1116, Silsbee, Texas."

Brother Gene Tope, a former schoolmate of mine and also a faithful gospel preacher. recently wrote me from Africa urging me to report through the paper the need of having Brother Votaw back in Africa and of his urgent need for support. If you can be of any assistance to Brother Votaw, contact him immecliately.

Frankly, it is irksome to see faithful preachers reduced to virtual beggars in order to sacrifice themselves to preach the gospel in areas to which we all have equal responsibility. "My brethren, these things ought not so to be."

Truth Magazine VII: 12, pp. 6a
September 1963