Who Makes the Election Returns?

Robert F. Turner
Burnet, Texas

It doesn't take a prophet to predict that many will be disappointed at the election returns; and s o m e who will gripe the most, will be people who didn't bother to vote. The voter does not lose his vote, no matter who wins. It is the "good men who keep quiet" that sell the country to corruption. Most elections could be easily changed if non-voters would exercise their rights and duties of citizenship.

And in the church it is much the same story. For the paltry price of false peace (peace, when there is no peace; Jer. 6:14) good men have kept quiet, and by their silence have sanctioned and supported all kinds of digression from God's truth.

Moral cowardice is a number one problem in our generation. We have replaced individual convictions with a sort of mass inertia-- a "don't rock the boat" philosophy that had r ether accept an error quietly than raise a voice in defense of truth. We have almost reached the point of considering anyone who stands firmly for a principle as "some kind of nut." We glorify the "middle of the road" as though compromise with error were virtue.

In the uncertain affairs of men there is wisdom in many ways, but when God speaks there is but ONE way (Jn. 17:17 Eph. 4:4-6). To follow God, one must allow faith in the Word of God to guide each step (Rom. 10:17, 2 Cor. 5:7). And to keep a congregation on the right path, good men must insist on doing Bible things in Bible ways.

Parents may condemn children, bishops may fail the "flock," and preachers may "sell the truth"-- in much the same way non-voters forsake their country. We join in the chorus:


Truth Magazine VII: 12, pp. 6b
September 1963