Attention, Mothers!

By Sylvia Wheeler

As we travel the roads and highways of this country, we are impressed with the carelessness and unconcern of society. Huge sums of money are spent each year to clean up the trash and garbage we throw out the windows of our cars as we go on our merry way.

There are a few things we need to think about. We may say, “What harm can one little gum wrapper do?” We have a civil law against littering in this country and when we break this law we are breaking God’s law (Rom. 13:1-7; Titus 3:1; 1 Pet. 2:13, 14). What example are you setting for your children? It amazes me how Christians can ride along and toss things out with no thought at all as to what they are doing.

This carelessness has carried over into our care of the church building. Today, when more and more congregations are hiring a janitor to clean the building, young mothers are missing out on a lot. It would be very educational for some mothers to have the responsibility of cleaning up after the services. So often it looks as if we have had a ticker-tape parade and banquet combined, with paper torn up all over the seats and floors and food crumbs everywhere. We would be embarrassed if a fellow member dropped by our house for a visit and found trash and food scattered everywhere. Yet, we fail to realize that Christ is with us at our worship services (Matt. 18:20). Where are our priorities?

If every mother would take a moment before leaving the building to pick up after her children, it would make a big difference. Think of the example you would be setting for your children. We all know children are copycats! They would soon learn as they grow up, that they have some responsibilities to clean up after themselves. Mothers, let’s think on these things and care about pleasing God.

Truth Magazine XXIV: 27, p. 442
July 10, 1980