Attitude toward Error

By Dennis C. Abernathy

There is an attitude among us today that is growing ever more prevalent. It is manifest by statements such as: “I don’t like to worship there, they are too critical.” “There is too much name-calling in their preaching.” “Just preach the truth and leave everybody alone.” Now just think about this for a moment. Is the truth ever critical? Yes, when applied to error. Was there any narne-calling done by the Lord and His apostles? Yes, when false teachers and their errors were rebuked and exposed. Can we preach the truth and let everybody alone? Yes, if we preach with flowing generalities and never apply it to the individual.

Now this attitude is against “hard preaching.” These loving brethren want to “love” folks into the church. Their idea of preaching is this: “If you are critical of some denominational doctrine, don’t come right out in the pulpit and say it-just allude to it somehow.” “If vou want to preach on immodest dress, or the hair question, don’t ever say that this is what the Bible says-just give your opinion of the subject.”

Friends and brethren this is a sick attitude. It is a compromise. It is weak. It leads to acceptance of error and the fellowshipping of anything that comes along. Let us wake up and be watchful!

Truth Magazine XX: 46, p. 722
November 18, 1976