Beatitudes of the Devil

By Larry Ray Hafley

Blessed are the grumblers, for theirs is the kingdom of crankdom. Blessed are they that mumble for they shall

Blessed are the moaners and groaners, for they shall moan and groan with me forever.

Blessed are they that sow strife for they shall never reap eternal life.

Blessed are they which persecute the righteous, for theirs is the delight of the devil.

Blessed are they who divide over human opinion, for they shall inherit my eternal dominion.

Blessed is the tongue that lies, for it is the one that forever dies.

Blessed are they which hunger and thirst after gossip to be heard, for they shall be all ears to me and my word.

Blessed are the shirkers, for they are my best workers.

Blessed are they that whine, for they shall not be his, but mine.

Blessed are they who unforgiving stew, for they shall be unforgiven, too.

Blessed are the hard in heart, for they shall never from me depart.

Blessed are they that walk in anger’s path, for they shall dwell with me in eternal wrath.

Blessed are they who of the godly make sport, for they shall be beautiful, like a wart.

Blessed are they who defame and defile, for them I shall claim after a while.

Blessed are they that on truth cast doubt, for they with me, shall be cast out.

Blessed are they that must have their own way, for they shall never see that eternal day.

Blessed are they who murmur and dispute, for theirs is the kingdom of ill-repute.

Blessed are they who in anger rage, for they shall receive my eternal wage.

Blessed are the haughty, for they shall abide with the naughty.

Blessed is the local grouch, for I have him in my universal pouch.

Blessed are they who cause tribulation, for they shall reap everlasting damnation.

Blessed are they who the truth do compromise, for they shall share in my eternal demise.

Blessed is the peacebreaker, for he shall never see the Peacemaker.

Blessed is the man whom you cannot advise, for he shall never see the kingdom of the wise.

Blessed are they who hate these beatitudes, for they know they represent their attitudes.

Guardian of Truth XXXVII: 7, p. 8
April 1, 1993