By B. G. Echols

In 1881, J. Cynddylan Jones of Wales published his Studies in the Gospel According to St. Matthew. In it he made a comment that is just as needed today. He said:

“Some of our popular preachers have been descanting of late upon what they call ‘Bibliolatry’-idolatry of , the Bible. The people they come in contact with, I conjecture, make too much of the Bible. I wish I knew where such people live. I should like to go and live amongst them. The people I know make too little of the Bible, a great deal too little. They read it too little, study it too little, believe it too little. I would travel far to see an idolater of the Bible. I have not seen one yet. The truth is, that as to love Christ supremely is not idolatry of His human nature, so to believe the Bible intensely is not idolatry of mere thoughts and words.”



March 23, 1972