Boles Home – Benevolence Is Very Costly!

By Carroll R. Sutton

According to the Financial Statement of the year ending June 30, 1989, Boles Home spent 310,484.00 per child (cared for) for Child Care, $5,948.00 per child for Plant Operations, and $6,543.00 per child for Administration and General.

Added up, this means that Boles Home spent $22,975.00 per child (cared for) for one year! Rather expensive child care, isn’t it?

In addition to the above, Boles Home spent $40,879.00 for Commissary, $42,338.00 for Development and Estate Planning and $78,883.00 for Social Services that same year. For these “items” Boles Home spent $162,100.00.

Boles Home received $507,199.00 in revenue from fees, rent, investment income and other income for that same year. This provided $9,753.00 for each of the 52 children for whom care was provided.

They also received $699,915. 00 in contributions, legacies and bequests. In total support and revenue Boles Home received $1,207,114.00 in one year!

In our last issue of The Instructor we showed that Tennessee Children’s Home spent $16,779. 00 per child for one year – and that seems ridiculously expensive. In comparison with $22,975.00 per child for one year that Boles Home spent, it seems that TCH did a much more efficient job than Boles Home. At least, what TCH did wasn’t as expensive.

By the way of comparison, it is my understanding that the State of Alabama paid an average of about $2,400.00 (plus medical costs) per child to foster parents to give foster care to children for whom the State had responsibility.

Benevolence or Big Business?

(Reproduced from The Instructor, published by the Albertville, AL Church.)

Guardian of Truth XXXV: 4, p. 109
February 21, 1991