Book Briefs

By Mike Willis

James Burton Coffman has begun the task of writing a series of commentaries on the New Testament. Already he has written single volumes on all of the gospels and on the book of Hebrews. These commentaries are written with the average Christian in mind; they are not limited to the scholar, although it does reflect serious study of the text itself. Although Coffman has written in the books of the New Testament on which our brethren have done some of their best works, without a doubt these books will be valuable tools to future generations. Coffman has invested himself sufficiently into this work to turn out something that will be useful for future generations.

My only criticism of these books is that the bibliography shows a lack of acquaintance with some of the most important commentaries on the various books on which the author has written. Perhaps acquaintance with these books would have only made the books so scholarly that they would have been useless for the average man. However, I feel that a greater exposure to some of the more reputable scholarly works would have enhanced the value of these commentaries.

Each of the volumes of this set sell for $6.95. As I said, at the present, Coffman has commentaries available on Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Hebrews. As later volumes are published, I shall let you know about them. I am sure that you will want to add this set of commentaries to your library whether you are a preacher or not. They are published by Firm Foundation Publishing House.

A Commentary on Genesis by Harold G. Stigers. Zondervan Publishing House. Price $12.95.

This new commentary on Genesis looks extremely good. Stigers is opposed to the documentary hypothesis expounded by modernists and spends some time in his introduction explaining why he has rejected it. The commentary shows an acquaintance with both the Hebrew text and modern scholarship regarding it. There are frequent word studies in the commentary which help to clarify the difficult passages in it. There are many references to the pertinent archaeological discoveries which relate to the exposition of the book of Genesis. Although this work will not replace the older works on Genesis, it will certainly supplement them.

The Training of the Twelve by A. B. Bruce. Kregel Publications. Price $6.95.

Those who are familiar with this book will be delighted to know that Kregel has reprinted it. Dr. Bruce has done a masterful job of relating the life of Christ to its impact on the twelve apostles whom he had chosen to carry his message into the world. There are insights in this work which you have not previously seen. Whether you are studying the lives of the twelve apostles or the life of Christ, you will want to know what Bruce has written on the subject.

Truth Magazine, XX:25, p. 13-14
June 17, 1976