Book Briefs

By Mike Willis

Evolution Vs. Science and the Bible

by Bob West

This new series of studies on evolution is designed to be used in a 13-week course. It includes lesson sheets and homework sheets for each lesson. The creator of the Theophilus cartoon strip has leaned heavily on his previous works in that cartoon series in producing this new material. The lessons are designed to be used by students in the fifth grade through adult; of course, the material must be. adapted by the teacher to fit his audience.

The material is attractively printed; the argumentation is clear, concise, and suitable for usage with teenagers. I know of no other material which could be used as easily in the teaching programs of local congregations as this which Brother West has prepared. I can recommend it to you without reservation. The material is priced as follows: student material, $ .75 per set; homework, $ .50 per set; Teacher Guide, $1.25 each. You can obtain a sample packet of these materials for $2.50 from Truth Magazine Book Store.

For some years now, we have noticed the tendency toward specialization among preachers. If a local congregation wants something said about evolution, they call in the nearest or best evolution specialist. Although we depend upon specialists to teach against evolution, practically every teacher in the public schools feels competent to teach evolution sometime during the course of the year. The result has been that the evolutionary theory has spread rapidly, making noticeable inroads among former believers, simply because we teach little about the subject except through special series. Nearly every field of study has been affected by the evolutionary theory; not only has it affected the study of biology, it has affected geology, religion (e.g. the evolutionary theory of the development of religion), politics (Hitler’s belief in the superiority of the German race), etc. It is past time for every congregation to expose evolution for what it is-a false philosophy. I believe that virtually every congregation has at least one teacher in it who knows as much about science and the Bible as the average grade school teacher knows about philosophy. Let us unabashedly propagate creation with the same fervor that evolutionists are propagating Darwin’s brainchild. Brother West’s material makes available ample material to be used by any average teacher; let us thank him for his labour by using his product.

Truth Magazine, XVIII:48, p. 2
October 10, 1974