Canceling Services For the Super Bowl

By Phil T. Arnold

A couple of weeks ago on Sunday evening one of our men presented a very interesting and personal lesson dealing with the objections that he had to overcome that he might become a Christian. I listened with great interest and admiration for the ability of one to see the truth when confronted with it regardless of the personal choices that truth demanded. One of the things which Randy mentioned that impressed me was the inconsistency he observed between the message preached of “putting the Lord and spiritual matters first” and the actions of canceling services for the Super Bowl — even if the Cowboys were playing. I hope none of us had a problem seeing such as an inconsistency and thus realizing why it caused Randy to begin to question other matters of the religion of his youth and family. But did we as parents not see the obvious application to our spiritual circumstances?

It is wonderful to think that this inconsistency was a small crack in someone’s confidence in a “false religion” that led him to consider and eventually see the truth. But what would we think about the inconsistencies in our own practices causing those who have the truth to begin to question whether or not it is so? We as parents are in a most influential position. If we believe that we have the truth, we must live consistently with that message to give our children confidence that it is the truth. Satan has enough devices to try to introduce doubt into the lives of our children and undermine their faith. We certainly don’t need to help him by playing the hypocrite.

Yes, it would be wrong to cancel services for a Super Bowl — even if the Cowboys are playing (or as far as I am concerned, especially if the Cowboys are playing). But what have we personally put before attending the services and in effect “canceled” services at least for us and/or our family? Do we tell our children that we are to put the Lord and spiritual matters first in our lives and then decide to miss the assemblies for everything from company to convenience and entertainment to sporting events? Parents, realize how such choices influence your children. It may be that such inconsistencies in our own lives will lead our children at some crucial time in their own lives to doubt and even depart from the faith.

Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it (Prov. 22:6)
Train up a child in the way he should go, By going that way yourself (Abraham Lincoln).