Capital Punishment Again

By Jeffery Kingry

The following letter was received about a month after my article on Capital Punishment came out in Truth. I think it is self-explanatory and needs no further comment:

“I read what you had to say about Capital Punishment in the March issue of Truth Magazine, and I have never heard anything put forth any better. I am in complete agreement with you in this matter.”

“I’m serving a ten-year sentence here in the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary, and I have seen first hand many things that I would have never imagined. I am thankful that they have these places. At least people are a little, rather, a lot safer with these people locked up. But many, or most of the prisoners here are planning their next crime for when they get out. Some plan murder, some robbery, etc., but most have criminal plans. They even brag about what they have done, from kidnaping and raping a 13 year old boy, to breaking an old lady’s arm during a bank robbery. Many say that ‘Whatever you want to do is alright if you can do it.’ They are not sick, they also admit that the way they think is wrong, but that doesn’t change the way they think, nor does it change the results of their thinking this way.

Murderers with a double life sentence can come into prison and really be a “Big Shot.” He will get in with the most powerful gang and rape other men, and kill, and get by with it. And then he is a bigger big shot. After all, what does he have to lose? And many of these same people admit that they do not mind being in prison at all, and some even admit that they like it.

Is capital punishment in order? Yes sir!

May God bless you in the work of our Lord and Savior.

A brother in Christ.

This letter should not only give us food for thought about our penal system, but also some thought about opportunities we might have if there is a prison near you. Jesus died for criminals too. This brother could use some godly encouragement and good reading matter if you have a mind to write him:

George Fulmer Box PMB-98936-131 Atlanta, Georgia 30315

Truth Magazine XXI: 35, p. 549
September 8, 1977