March 18, 2019

Modernism in “Church of Christ Colleges” (1)

By Leo RogolThe above heading may greatly surprise you but I feel certain that after you read this article you will agree that it is quite appropriate.Nothing has done more to bring the church upon the threshold of modernism and skepticism, as well as contempt for the laws of this land, than the … [Read more...]

Idols of the TV Set

By Tom WheelerI believe that everyone agrees that if something takes the place of God in our lives, we are guilty of idolatry. And idolaters are condemned in Rev. 21:8 and I John 5:21. In connection with this thought I have found a couple of quotations that I would like to share with you. I quote … [Read more...]

Boone, North, Humbard and Roberts

By Connie AdamsFor some time now some of our liberal brethren have capitalized on the popularity of Pat Boone to help them draw crowds for special attendance drives, youth rallies, or campaigns of one kind or another. I am sure that he feels he is being helpful to the cause of Christ. Within recent … [Read more...]


By Wayne EarnestMost people desire self-improvement. In all walks of life we see folks seeking to do better. It is a sad commentary on those who don't. The technological age in which we live is within itself a challenge toward self-improvement. This helps explain the rapid rise of state vocational … [Read more...]

He Is Such a Good Speaker!

By Larry HafleyFar too often "good" preachers are nothing more than eloquent, forceful speakers. Nothing wrong with being an excellent orator mind you, but shallow minded brethren, unable to distinguish between a good speaker and a scriptural sermon, are following dynamic digressives.Emotional, … [Read more...]

False Peace

By Tommy McClureThe prophet Ezekiel said much by way of reproof and condemnation for the false prophets of his day. In Ezekiel 13 he condemned them for their false promises of peace to the people of God - promises made at a time when God's people were in great danger! In verses 8 and 9 he thunders … [Read more...]

The Work of the Lord in Ontario, Canada

By Cecil WillisIt is now 3:30 a. m., and just a few hours ago I returned from a gospel meeting in the village of Haliburton in Ontario, Canada. It has sometimes been charged that I pretended a stupendous knowledge of the Canadian work upon very meager familiarity with it. Such a disavowal is here … [Read more...]

“The People Had a Mind to Work” (Neh. 4:6)

By Mike WillisThe above quotation was written by Nehemiah during the period in which the Jews were rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. The work apparently went more rapidly than he himself had expected, so he injected the above explanation. What a lesson is contained therein!We have attempted to … [Read more...]

The Law and the Gospel

By Cecil WillisThere is no question but that the religious world of our day is very tragically and pathetically divided. Many teach as truth what others equally sincere condemn as error. One of the basic causes for this religious division is a failure to distinguish between the Law of Moses and the … [Read more...]

The One Container Question

By J. T. SmithThere has been much disputing among members of the body of Christ over whether the cup (fruit of the vine) must be served in one container or be served in different containers. Actually, I believe the solution to this problem is a simple one. If we would not confuse our words and would … [Read more...]