July 18, 2019


By Irven LeeIgnorance is one of the great enemies of the religion of Christ. We are often reminded of the contrast between light and darkness. This is the contrast between truth and error, of knowledge and ignorance, or of the way truth and the way of destruction. How can we explain the appalling … [Read more...]

The “God Is Dead” Rally

By Floyd ChappelearMankind continually turns its back upon Jehovah in times of prosperity. As men fare well, they often forsake the God of Heaven who made it all possible. It would seem, to some, that when things go well one has no need for Divine guidance or providence. The fruit of our hands is … [Read more...]

Jesus and the Sadducees

By R. L. MorrisonThe Sadducees, a religious sect among the Jews, met and talked with Jesus on several occasions. They made a fatal mistake, however, when they attempted to meet him in public and discuss the scriptures. They evidently felt they had the unanswerable argument. But Jesus reduced it to … [Read more...]

Supposed Evils Answered (V)

By Larry Ray HafleyProponents of the impossibility of apostasy claim that if a child of God can be lost in hell that it means that God does not love, His children as much as heathen parents love theirs. No one, not even an atheist, would cast his wicked child into hell, so if God will do so, He does … [Read more...]

Do the Accounts of the Cross Superscription Contradict?

By Tommy McClureIt is the duty (and should be the aim) of every gospel preacher to do what he can to strengthen the faith of those to whom he preaches to the end that they will possess the utmost confidence in the word of God. To do this, it is necessary at times to vindicate the inspiration and … [Read more...]