April 25, 2019

May Christians Pray This Prayer Today?

By C. D. PlumLarry Ray HaffleyThe commonly called "Lords Prayer," I mean. (Matt. 6:9-13). Without wishing to be uncouth, may I say there were no Christians when the Lord told his disciples to pray this prayer. The name Christian had been promised in prophecy before Jesus gave this prayer (Isa. … [Read more...]

Archaeology and the New Testament (X)

By Mike WillisLarry Ray HaffleyLeaving Corinth, Paul went to Ephesus taking with him Priscilla and Aquila. He left them at Ephesus and made a quick trip back to Antioch to report to the congregation there the affairs of his work and then returned to Ephesus where he labored three years.In Ephesus … [Read more...]

Colleges in the Budget

By Cecil WillisLarry Ray HaffleySome of our brethren are bard to convince. There are some who still think that none of the colleges is openly seeking congregational financial donations. David Lipscomb College started its preparation for brotherhood acceptance of its solicitation of congregational … [Read more...]

McGarvey’s Advice

By Larry Ray Haffley(The following words were spoken by J. W. McGarvey to J.P. Sewell in 1902. We hope that these sad words will be of sobering benefit to all our readers. They are recorded in Biographical Sketches of Restoration Preachers, from a lecture by Sewell.)"You are on the right road, and … [Read more...]

Many Roads to Heaven?

By Donald P. AmesLarry Ray HaffleyMany times objections are raised to the fact Christ said, "The way is broad that leads to destruction, and many are those who enter by it." (Matt. 7:13). These claim that such an attitude toward our fellow-man and the Bible is "narrow-minded," and that actually all … [Read more...]

Cap the Gap!

By Barry PenningtonLarry Ray HaffleyThere is so much talk going on today about a generation gap that it is no wonder that so many young people are confused about the relationship they should keep with their parents. The trend today is to rebel against, resist, and even reject all parental advice ... … [Read more...]

Archaeology and the New Testament (IX)

By Mike WillisPaul in CorinthLarry Ray HaffleyWhen Paul arrived in Corinth, he had reached "the most advantageously located city in Greece" for his purpose of spreading the gospel throughout the world. Commerce drew men from all over the world, as also did the famous isthmian games.1 Archaeology has … [Read more...]

“I Don’t Agree, But…”

By William B. WrightLarry Ray HaffleyOne of the real problems these days in churches of Christ, such as those in the upper Ohio Valley region, is persuading Christians to take a clear-cut stand against digression. I often hear people who feel something is wrong express themselves in private … [Read more...]

EDITORIAL — Dudley Spears Is Going to Germany

By Cecil WillisLarry Ray HaffleyOn their way back home from the Philippines, Dudley Spears and James Needham spent a few days in Germany. During their time there, they came in contact with brethren from two congregations who are opposed to the digressions which now have swept away many churches. … [Read more...]

Set for the Defense (Phil- 1:17)

By Larry Ray HaffleyLevelling with LovellLarry Ray Haffley"I have never bothered very much about these controversial, sensitive, extreme religious questions-it comes mighty hard for me to figure out what I believe on the simple things. However, let me provoke a bit of thinking on the subject of … [Read more...]