April 24, 2019

And Man Created God in His Own Image

By Floyd ChappelearHuman philosophers of every stripe have argued that God is not real but that He is a creation of mere man. A product of man's imagination. It is argued that primitive man had a "need" for some supernatural force and therefore "created" the idea of a controlling spirit which … [Read more...]

Appeal to Edward Fudge (IV): “The Same Gospel”?

By Ron HalbrookPOINT 5: Our brother's statement in the Aug. 3, 1972, Guardian is confusing, bewildering, and capable of leading souls into error. If anything ever needed clarifying, this does. Referring to an "Elder" S. N. McCann, our brother wrote, "The author worshipped with people known as German … [Read more...]

Editorial – Continuing an Unpleasant Task

By Cecil WillisIn Truth Magazine (April 26, 1973), I wrote an article entitled "Tell Us It Is Not So." This article was not summarily written, nor was it precipitously published. It was written only after several years of deliberation. It was not published until several other brethren of great … [Read more...]

Things Written Aforetime – A Faith That Grows

By Joe Neil ClaytonWhen Paul wanted to define the faith that saves, he resorted to illustration. He said, ". . . Abraham believed God, and it was reckoned unto him for righteousness. Know therefore that they that are of faith, the same are sons of Abraham. And the scripture, foreseeing that God … [Read more...]

What Good Is Advertising?

By Jack GibbertI confess to moments when I wonder what possible good advertising on the back pages of Truth Magazine and other papers does. I find myself mumbling to myself, "who reads them?" or for that matter, who cares?"In more enjoyable moments I find myself reflecting on the numerous blessings … [Read more...]

Does the Atonement Include Healing of the Body?

By Larry Ray HafleyMost of the sects that believe miraculous divine healing is still performed today teach that the death of Christ provided both physical and spiritual healing."Since Calvary was the fulfillment of every type which depicted it, Christ has also included healing for our diseases in … [Read more...]

Who Wrote The Bible?

By Keith SharpPaul the Apostle declared, "All scripture is given by inspiration of God" (2 Timothy 3:16). What is the meaning of this bold declaration? The word "scripture" means a "writing, thing written." It is used fifty-one times in the New Testament and always refers to the writings, which make … [Read more...]

Appeal to Edward Fudge: (III) Unity: History and Scripture

By Ron Halbrook(EDITOR'S NOTE: For the Preface to this series of articles, please see the Introductory article in the Sept. 20th issue of Truth Magazine).POINT 4: Our brother's writing on restoration thought which appeared in the 1968-69 Guardian is replete with quotations from H. W. Everest, J. Z. … [Read more...]

Have a Target, Brethren

By Jimmy Tuten Jr.I have been told that most salesmen spend three-fourths of their time looking for someone to sell to (prospecting it is called) and only one fourth of their time in actual selling. This shows us how important good prospecting is to the salesmen. However, a salesman is a good … [Read more...]

Will Florida College Go the Way of Bethany College?

By Irvin HimmelFive years ago the opportunity presented itself for my family and me to locate in the lovely little city of Temple Terrace in the Sunshine State. Having spent the first several years of our married life in Florida, my wife and I were happy to return to this area. We since have felt no … [Read more...]