July 18, 2019

And Man Created God in His Own Image

By Floyd ChappelearHuman philosophers of every stripe have argued that God is not real but that He is a creation of mere man. A product of man's imagination. It is argued that primitive man had a "need" for some supernatural force and therefore "created" the idea of a controlling spirit which … [Read more...]

Appeal to Edward Fudge (IV): “The Same Gospel”?

By Ron HalbrookPOINT 5: Our brother's statement in the Aug. 3, 1972, Guardian is confusing, bewildering, and capable of leading souls into error. If anything ever needed clarifying, this does. Referring to an "Elder" S. N. McCann, our brother wrote, "The author worshipped with people known as German … [Read more...]

Editorial – Continuing an Unpleasant Task

By Cecil WillisIn Truth Magazine (April 26, 1973), I wrote an article entitled "Tell Us It Is Not So." This article was not summarily written, nor was it precipitously published. It was written only after several years of deliberation. It was not published until several other brethren of great … [Read more...]

Things Written Aforetime – A Faith That Grows

By Joe Neil ClaytonWhen Paul wanted to define the faith that saves, he resorted to illustration. He said, ". . . Abraham believed God, and it was reckoned unto him for righteousness. Know therefore that they that are of faith, the same are sons of Abraham. And the scripture, foreseeing that God … [Read more...]

What Good Is Advertising?

By Jack GibbertI confess to moments when I wonder what possible good advertising on the back pages of Truth Magazine and other papers does. I find myself mumbling to myself, "who reads them?" or for that matter, who cares?"In more enjoyable moments I find myself reflecting on the numerous blessings … [Read more...]