March 23, 2019

Appeal to Edward Fudge(III): Inferences

By Ron Halbrook(Editor's Note: An introductory article to this series in which Brother Ron Halbrook is reviewing the position of his dear friend, Brother Edward Fudge, appeared in the Sept. 20th issue. If you have access to that introductory article, but have not yet read it, I suggest you do so … [Read more...]

Roy E. Cogdill

 Most of the brethren know that back in 1946 when the last issue of the Bible Banner that would have ever been published had been brought out, I assumed, agreeably with Brother Foy E. Wallace, Jr. responsibility for its publication. With the help of Brother Roy D. Spears, Luther Blackmon, and all of … [Read more...]

Jesus Christ Deity or Demon!!

By Robert W. La CosteJust the other day I heard an individual exclaim, "Why Jesus was a good man, but this Son of God business is a story that no logical person could accept." Needless to say, I was a bit disturbed. Really now! Do people know what conclusions must be faced if Jesus was not the Son … [Read more...]

Love the Brotherhood

By Irven Lee"Honor all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the king" (1 Peter 2:17). This collection of short sentences is full of advice that our generation needs. This verse has, no doubt, been urgently needed in all ages. Those who are least prepared to appreciate this wisdom often use the … [Read more...]

An Appeal in Love to Edward Fudge: Clarify Please (I)

By Ron HalbrookAnyone who writes and teaches publicly expects, even invites, public examination. The Christian who teaches is "ready always to give an answer," defense, or apology for his teaching (1Pet. 3: 15). Sometimes a brother needs specific occasion to explain himself further (Acts 17:19-20, … [Read more...]

How Successful Is Ketchersidean Subversion? (III)

By James W. AdamsReplies from the Gospel Guardian scribes who have been the object of criticism by Truth Magazine writers relative to their stance in the Ketcherside fellowship movement via personal letters and articles attribute motives to us which touch just about every rung of the ladder of the … [Read more...]

Having Trouble Over Baptism?

By Randall MarkOn page 9 of the June 14, 1973 issue of Truth Magazine, brother James W. Adams wrote concerning me, "He admits in private discussions with friends that 'baptism gives him trouble.' " This charge is untrue, misleading, and damaging to my personal reputation, and I hereby request a … [Read more...]

An Introduction in Personal Form to the Reader

By Ron Halbrook9-Year History of UnsoundnessTo understand the background to "An Appeal In Love: Clarify Please," our readers need to understand the unsound history of a brother. When brother Ed Fudge and I were in school together from 1964-66, he was not grounded in the faith. For instance, he not … [Read more...]

“Clothes Make the Man”

By Jady W. CopelandThe time-worn expression which serves as a caption for this article contains a good thought, but all would probably agree that it may be a bit extreme. However our subject is important for a number of reasons: first, because it is a Bible subject, and second because it is so … [Read more...]

How Successful Is Ketchersidean Subversion? (II)

By James W. Adams"The Youth Revolution"One of the outstanding phenomena of our time is the "Youth Revolution." One of its bitter fruits has just this week come to light in the exposure of the horrendous, sex-motivated, torture slayings of more than twenty teenagers - the total may approach thirty, … [Read more...]