Jamaica: October 1990

By Jerry Angelo Jamaica gets its name from an Indian word meaning “Land of Wood and Water.” Looking out of my office window, Montego Bay lies below me and I can see about 20 miles of coastline beyond. It truly is beautiful. However, when you get downtown the stench of garbage is everywhere. Vendors selling all […]

First Negative

By Corbin T. Volluz The Bible teaches that it is the complete and final revelation of God to mankind. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints. As such, I believe in continuing, extra-biblical revelation from God to man. Indeed, I have been the recipient of such revelation. What I have […]

Send A Card

By Clarence W. Fell Cards are valuable tools for the personal worker. Anyone can use them; busy people can use them; the elderly who suffer physical limitations can use them; just about everyone can enhance his personal work efforts with cards. A card says, “I care,” “I’m thinking of you,” “I’m concerned,” “I love you,” etc. […]