October 16, 2019

Peace with God

Peace with God by Allen Dvorak Editor’s Note: Here is an article, written by Allen Dvorak, that appears in the December issue of Truth Magazine. It is part of the theme section entitled "Peace on Earth" that also focuses on "Jesus: Prince of Peace," "Peace with Self," "Peace with Others, " … [Read more...]

God’s Weather Forecast, by Ron Halbrook

halbrook-ron-2016-06-12-gods-weather-forcast … [Read more...]

God Created Us Male & Female, by Ron Halbrook

[embeddoc url="https://www.TruthMagazine.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/MaleFemaleGodMadeUs-2016-6-4.pptx" download="all" viewer="microsoft"] … [Read more...]

Laying Aside Weights, by Mark Mayberry

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Hypocrisy – Word Study

By Mark Mayberry Introduction The New Testament contains a family of Greek words that communicate the concept of hypocrisy. The Greek verb hupokrinomai, which originally meant “to answer” and later “to play a part on the stage,” occurs once in Scripture, where it means “to pretend, make … [Read more...]