April 25, 2019

Word Study: Christ

Greek: Christos Vine’s: “anointed, translates, in the Sept. [Greek translation of OT], the word Messiah…” Thayer’s: “anointed…1. Of the Messiah…” Christ is really not a proper name, though we commonly use it that way. Rather, it is a description or even a … [Read more...]

Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs
2012 Truth Magazine Lectures

9th Annual Truth Magazine LecturesAthens, AL   Title & Speaker Download MP3 File Emmanuel David Cox [powerpress url="http://www.truthmagazine.com/audio/lectures_2012/01-david-cox-emmanuel.mp3"] Download Lecture Purer In Heart Tommy … [Read more...]

Word Study: Blessed

Greek: Makarios Vine’s: “akin to A, No. 3 [happy, blessed] is used in the beatitudes in Matt. 5 and Luke 6” Thayer’s: “blessed, happy…blessed the man, who…Mt. v.3-11” Blessed as used in Matthew 5:3-11, gives the double idea of happy and what we commonly think … [Read more...]

Power In The Word

Paul wrote that the gospel is God’s power unto salvation (Rom. 1:16). Many people in modern religions deny this. It is obvious the Jew, Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist reject the gospel altogether. However, it just as true that denominations do not believe the gospel is the power unto salvation. … [Read more...]

Introduction To The 2012 Truth Magazine Lectures

By Steve Wolfgang   Welcome to the 2012 Truth Lectures! We celebrate this year the consolidation of Truth Bookstore and CEI Bookstore, and the relocation of the Foundation to Athens, Alabama. We have been warmly received and are gratified to become more involved in this community and area. … [Read more...]

Destructive, Damnable Deceit of the Devil (5)

God’s not that strict. Ever hear that? Me too. Dysfunctional preachers have taught people God is more of a granddad than a Father. They paint Him as a happy-go-lucky, tender-all-the-time, kinda guy. He thinks you are cute even when you purposely stick the cat’s tail in the fan. The … [Read more...]

Repair A Bible Page Tear

This short video shows you how to quickly repair a tear in a Bible page. By doing it yourself, you will save money and time... instead of sending it off for repair. You will also be able to continue using your favorite Bible. You can get the archival repair tape on Amazon by clicking here. … [Read more...]

Destructive, Damnable, Deceit of the Devil (4)

Paul worried about the Corinthians being deceived by the devil, just like Eve was (2 Cor. 11:3). Great consequences followed Eve’s deception, and so it would be with the Corinthians. The same is true for us. The devil lies to us and if we are deceived, we will suffer greatly. Satan has those … [Read more...]

Destructive, Damnable, Deceit of the Devil (3)

There are many ways in which the devil seeks to deceive men. He tries to get those who are forgiven of their sins to forsake the Lord by promising them freedom. This is very often pushed on us in the area of morality (2 Pet. 2:18-22). Instead of freedom, we get slavery. Another way Satan subtly … [Read more...]

Did You Know? – Newsletter May 16, 2012

This newsletter is packed. And, as you have noticed, we are tinkering with the format of the newsletter. Do you like the longer or shorter version better? ----------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------- Article: Destructive, … [Read more...]