October 16, 2019

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“Wild Gourds”

By Jarrod Jacobs “And Elisha came again to Gilgal: and there was a dearth in the land; and the sons of the prophets were sitting before him: and he said unto his servant, Set on the great pot, and seethe pottage for the sons of the prophets. And one went out into the field to gather herbs, and … [Read more...]

Do Not Harden Your Heart

by Joe R. Price The church is God’s house, God’s family (Heb. 3:6; 1 Tim. 3:15).  What a blessing that is! As God’s house, we bear a responsibility of service. Hebrews 3:6 continues by saying we are God’s house “if we hold fast the confidence and the rejoicing of the hope firm to the end.” … [Read more...]

Proverbs 11:28

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Q-n-A: Is Christianity Now Restored?

Here is Bobby Graham’s Question and Answer column from the Sept. issue of Truth Magazine.  We hope you enjoy this article and encourage you to subscribe.   … [Read more...]