Christian Morals

By Donald Willis

Tuesday, my wife drug me to a Writer’s Seminar on Romance. Most knowledgeable persons understand that romance is not the interest of the pen of a preacher . . . though all people are interested in Romance! God made us that way, and there is nothing wrong with loving and being loved.

A New York City publishing house had sent its representative into the Houston market looking for new Journalists. There were six different categories in which one might write. One of these was Romance with an Inspirational thrust. They were especially desirous of having one write from this viewpoint.

A question was asked from the floor as to how far a writer might take the subject of sex. The company representative said that “. . . no Christian will engage in premarital sex nor after marriage will they talk openly concerning their sexual involvement.” This caused a stir among the audience, and some people got up and left (in their defense, may I add they had been seated for almost two hours).

I thought it interesting that a publishing company representative that is interested in Romantic Novels would conclude, “. . . no Christian will engage in premarital sex”! She must have been reading the same book that I read. What a wonderful testimony for Christ!

If “. . . no Christian would engage in premarital sex,” there would be no borrow of guilt emotion over the violation of the morals of Christ. There would be no teen-age pregnancy, there would be no abortion and the aftermath of inner fear of having murdered the child.

How protective of the emotions of His children God is in establishing the moral standard whereby, “. . . no Christian will engage in premarital sex. Let us all profit by this evaluation.

Guardian of Truth XXVIII: 11, p. 330
June 7, 1984