Church Rally at Kingsley Terrace

By Donald P. Ames

Sometimes the question is asked “What do the liberals do that make it impossible for us to fellowship them?”

Usually we point to various institutional practices and the mis-use of the Lord’s funds. However sometimes we want something more specific. So, consider the “Church rally to celebrate the good things about Indy” held at Kingsley Terrace on Sat. (12-8-90) from 4-6 PM, and reported in the Indianapolis Star (12-8).

“Police officers who are committed to families, people who show compassion during conflicts, honor roll students, ministers whose parishioners think they are special and good mothers-in-law also will be honored” (Ibid.). The rally, organized by “Parents and Friends Foundation,” wants to focus on “good news” rather than on the evil in the world. Speakers for the event will include deputy superintendent of the Indianapolis Public Schools and “Rev. Boniface Hardin,” a priest and president of Martin Univ. “Father Hardin” intended to stress his belief in a good self-image. Can you imagine the early New Testament church inviting a man to speak who wore the titles of ” Rev. ” and “Father” (read Psa. 111:9; Matt. 23:8-9)? Would they be honoring “ministers whose parishioners think they are special” and good police officers or good mothers-in-law? And apparently the “Father” Hardin is one of the key speakers! Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there is anything we need more than honoring good people – but this “honoring” is not what the Lord set up his church to do nor to honor those of the world as part of a “church rally.”

But, someone might object, this rally was organized by “Parents and Friends Foundation,” an organization established by Ondelere McGuire, a woman whose son was killed by being shot by another youth. Even so, it is being advertized as a “church rally” and is being held at Kingsley Terrace Church of Christ! If it is not church sponsored, why is it being held at the church building and promoted as a church rally? And if it is, where is the authority for the church to be involved in all this? And for the building – which was built with God’s money to do what he authorized the church to do – to be so used? Either way, the church has no right to use its facilities to aid and promote it! It is but another example of a lack of respect for God’s word.

Guardian of Truth XXXV: 5, p. 148
March 7, 1991