Clinton D. Hamilton to write Question-Answer Column

By Mike Willis

A few weeks ago, brother Hoyt Houchen sent me a letter resigning his work with Guardian of Truth in the question-answer column. Brother Houchen has done a commendable job in writing this column, supplying us with the fruits of his study of God’s word. We appreciate his good work and commend him for it. We regret his decision to resign but recognize that changes sometime occur. We wish him the best in his continued service to God.

Clinton Hamilton to Write Column Upon brother Houchen’s resignation, a search began to find the best qualified person to write this column. Brother Clinton Hamilton has been selected to write the question-answer column for Guardian of Truth.

Brother Hamilton is well qualified for this task. Born 13 March 1924, he graduated from Freed-Hardeman University in 1944, received his B.A. from Union University in 1946, received a master’s degree in Medieval European history from Vanderbilt University in 1947, and his Ph.D. from Florida State University in 1964. Brother Hamilton joined the staff at Florida College in 1949 and served there as dean of students (1949-1954) and dean (1949-1950, 1954-1968). He then moved to Ft. Lauderdale, FL to work with Broward Community College as academic dean and has served as executive vice-president of that institution for several years. He is widely recognized for his accomplishments in education throughout the state of Florida. He also has served in the Rotary Club with distinction. In contrast to many educated and busy men who have turned away from God, brother Hamilton has exalted Christ as Lord of his life.

He was baptized into Christ at Vardaman, Mississippi in 1935 by his great uncle, E.L. Whitaker, Sr., at 11 years old. In December 1942, he began preaching and has continued preaching ever since. He has contributed articles to several magazines circulating among Christians and has served as elder in two congregations. He has held meetings throughout the country and made himself available to participate in such activities as the Arlington Meeting.

For several years, brother Hamilton has moderated the open forum at Florida College. His comments in that forum direct men to the text of Bible, which is the only source of authority and with which he shows intimate familiarity.

Several years ago, brother Hamilton had a heart attack which nearly took his life. Fortunately his life has been spared and he continues to serve the Lord’s people.

Brother Hamilton married Margaret Allen of Glasgow, Kentucky in 1946. They have two children and two grandchildren. They now reside in Plantation, Florida.

Guardian of Truth XXXIII: 18, p. 548
September 21, 1989