Colleges in the Budget

By Cecil Willis

Larry Ray Haffley

Some of our brethren are bard to convince. There are some who still think that none of the colleges is openly seeking congregational financial donations. David Lipscomb College started its preparation for brotherhood acceptance of its solicitation of congregational funds several years ago. Herald of Truth speaker, Batsell Barrett Baxter, wrote a booklet and circulated some 50,000 copies of it in which he stated that congregational support of institutional orphan homes and colleges stand or fall together.

The Lipscomb Review (Winter Quarter 19 7 2) just came to my desk a few days ago. In this bulletin, Lipscomb College states, “You can encourage congregations to include financial support for Lipscombs program of daily Bible instruction in the budget each year.” Many of our liberal brethren (like Reuel Lemmons and Clifton Inman, editors of the Firm Foundation and Bible Herald respectively) affect to be strongly opposed to church support of colleges. Now lets see how much they have to say about Lipscombs latest effort to thrust its fingers into the budgets of churches.

Since Lemmons, Inman, and the Lipscomb gang are so united in opposing “Anti-ism,” my guess is that Lemmons and Inman and their kind will judiciously keep quiet while Lipscomb works its ploy.

October 26, 1972