Country Music In The Church

By Keith Pruitt

A few years ago, Ira North and his Madison bunch invited Kitty Wells and company to perform during the Big Day In May celebration. Thousands of non-concerned irreligious people attended, no doubt, to get their bellies filled, not with the Word, but with food and to hear the old country classics of Mrs. Wells. At that time, few thought that the music fair would spread to other congregations.

A few days ago, the congregation at East Alton received an invitation to attend a youth rally in Jacksonville, Illinois. At first one would pass it off as the usual garbage that hits file 13, but at second glance there was something in this invitation that would remind one of the above mentioned event at Madison. On Saturday, after lunch, a group named Time of Day is to perform. There is a footnote on the side to explain what this group is all about. It reads as follows: “Harding University presents Time of Day, a group of five musicians who will perform a repertoire of country and top forty songs.”

One could imagine all sorts of things from that bit of information. Maybe they’ll do Michael Jackson’s tune “Thriller” or one of the other current top forty songs like “Footloose.”

One can not help but weep over the foul odors coming from Zion. The unscriptural teachings propagated within the ranks of liberal minded brethren is giving the church the undeserved reputation of being a denomination. In fact, some people within those circles are preaching that very idea. Although he has tried to deny the statements, Rubel Shelly has taught such to be the truth. And perhaps to some degree he is right about some folks claiming to be members of the body of Christ. They think of the church as just “another denomination” and they act accordingly.

So why should this scribe be so upset and hurt over things that occur such as the above? For the same reason Jeremiah wept over the southern kingdom of Israel and Jesus pled for the same reason with Jerusalem. Souls are at stake.

There is some happy news in the midst of this sad chaos. In recent weeks, there have been many in the Alton area who have left these unfaithful brethren to return to the truth. As many as twelve in the last eleven months have come to East Alton from these congregations. May the glory be given unto God. People are willing to listen to the truth. They are tired of the ungodliness associated with the other camp.

As Joshua said in the long ago, Choose ye this day whom ye will serve.

Guardian of Truth XXVIII: 22, p. 678
November 15, 1984