David Joy’s

By Race Is Run

I received word on April 12, 1993 that brother David Joy passed from this life into eternity where he has gone to his reward. David married his wife Patty, the daughter of Paul Casebolt on August 11, 1973. To this union were born three children, Jeremy (18), Jennifer (15) and Micah (10). Nine years ago, brother Joy suffered a viral infection to the lining of his heart. He had to have a heart transplant to survive. For nine years, he has survived the heart transplant, at great medical expense and much suffering.

Brother Joy is one among several West Virginia preachers who have supported themselves in secular work and preached full-time as well. Brother Joy taught school at Paden City elementary and preached at Fly, Ohio (7 years) and Mellott Ridge (2).

David’s illness caused him to keep his priorities well-ordered. The burden of living for nine years with this disease has matured his children well beyond their years. Jeremy has been doing appointment preaching for four years. He is enrolled in West Virginia University in Morgantown where is studying to be a pharmacist.

The heavy burden of medical expense to the family was largely covered by David’s insurance company. Even what is left unpaid is beyond the family’s ability to pay. A later report will detail the expense and invite brethren to participate in relieving it. Too, we will give the details about his funeral, which are not available yet. However, if brethren would like to assist sister Joy or write her a note expressing their sympathies, they may contact her at the following address: Patty Joy, 313 S. 4th Ave., Paden City, WV 26159.

Guardian of Truth XXXVII: 9, p. 11
May 6, 1993