Death Comes To The Young

By Tom Wheeler

Kathy Kay Davidson, a faithful Christian, devoted mother of two young girls and devoted wife of Doug Davidson (the faithful gospel preacher working with the German School Road church in Richmond, Virginia, passed suddenly from this life early Saturday evening, April 14, 1979. Kay had not been seriously sick. In fact, there was no hint that she had a serious physical problem. She just sat down in a chair and passed from this life. An autopsy revealed that she had an aneurysm on the brain. It had been there since birth but had allowed her to live twenty-six years.

The autopsy was completed on Monday. Tuesday, Kay’s body was ready for viewing in Richmond. A large number of people came to the funeral home to pay their last respects to Kay here upon the earth.

Wednesday was a travel day. Kay’s parents, Doug’s parents and Doug’s youngest brother Jeff had come from Marion, Indiana to be with Doug and his two little girls during this very difficult time. Paul Smith of West Lafayette, Indiana had also traveled to Richmond to help Doug in any way that he could. Wednesday they all traveled to Swayzee, Indiana (a small town near Marion). Kay’s remains were placed in the Rybolt Funeral Home where more than five hundred people signed the register on Thursday. The line was so long that no doubt many came who did not sign. There were so many flowers they could not be properly displayed.

A memorial service was held on Friday at 2:00 p.m. The owner of the funeral home said that it was the largest funeral he had ever had in twenty-three years. Tom Wheeler preached the sermon at this service. Four close friends, brothers and sisters in Christ, sang four appropriate songs. Afterward, the remains were moved to the Garden of Memory. A short service was held before Kay’s remains were placed in their final resting place. Gene Tope made some very timely remarks at this service.

The large number of people who showed they care attests not just to the fact that Kay’s husband is a preacher but to the kind of person she was. To meet her was to love her. She was pleasant, outgoing but modest, and had a great ability to let people know that she cared. Kay was dedicated to God, committed to heaven and devoted to her husband and children. As far as man can tell, she was a faithful child of God and we have a confident expectation to see her in heaven if we remain faithful.

Doug’s present plans are to return to Richmond and continue his work. He will, of course, have double duty to perform as he not only continues the most important work on the face of the earth but, at the same time, tries to be both a father and mother to his two young children. We commend him for his determination and pray that he will have many years to devote in faithful service to God.

Truth Magazine XXIII: 23, p. 378
June 7, 1979