Did You Ever?


Did you ever get home from services quick,

And call the brethren who are sick?

And ask them if there’s anything you can do;

Maybe even say, “I love you”?

Did you ever teach a young one’s class,

The joys of it are unsurpassed!

To sing and teach them all to pray,

And watch them grow into faithful saints some day.

Did you ever take on the small task,

To bake the Lord’s bread for to pass?

And fill the cups with grape goes fast;

For our Lord it shouldn’t be a hard task.

Did you ever open your home doors wide,

To let friends and brethren oft’ inside?

This is a great blessing to do our share;

To show God and our brethren we care.

Did you ever clean the meeting place so;

‘Tis our Heavenly Father’s house, you know.

We clean our husband’s home it’s true,

Does God deserve the same care too?

Did you ever miss the women’s Bible class;

And let the weeks slip on past?

Oh, how will we become better wives and mothers,

When we won’t make time to study God’s word with others?

Did you every pray along, and sing to be heard;

And even hear the preacher teach God’s word?

These things all daughters of God can do,

And teach them to your children, too!

Kathleen M. Berendt

Guardian of Truth XL: 12 p. 4