Disciples At Military Bases And On Campuses

By William C. Sexton

Mobility in our society today is great, as all observers know. Certain segments of our society are more mobile than others, however. I am working with a group of disciples near Ft. Riley Kansas, a military base, and Kansas State University, so mobility here is much greater than any other place I have ever worked. Events of the last year, since I have been in Manhattan, makes me aware of a need to know.

It is important to the faithful child of God to know where other children of the Father are meeting, so they can meet and worship faithfully, according to the New Testament scriptures (Acts 2:42, 41). It should be the mutual concern of all involved to find faithful disciples when they move to a community and the disciples in the community to receive those coming to the community, so as to be strengthened and to offer encouragement, etc. Consequently, it seems to me that there is a need to be a bit more concerned about letting people know where we are meeting and to help those leaving us find a faithful group of disciples in the community where they are going.

I have found some who came to Ft. Riley and, for a year or more, did not know that there was a group of disciples who were determined to not practice the current elements of liberalism, but were to be governed completely by the New Testament scriptures. I am sure that there are others who have not yet found the information that a “conservative” group is meeting, although we have tried in various ways to get the information around and we shall continue. This is said to arouse attention in you, my brother and sister, to help and be helped!

We have been blessed by three families learning of us from others in the areas where they were before they came, because some there had read our report about the congregation in Manhattan and had been concerned enough to relate to them of our meeting place and phone number (913) 539-0458.

I received a letter a few days ago from a family in Germany who had read our report about a family here who was going to Germany. They asked for their address and if I knew of others in Germany. I have written a number of letters trying to find faithful groups in Germany and in Panama because we have some people who had plans to go there. Yesterday, I received a letter from a sister in Wichita, whose friend from Tennessee had moved to Junction City, Kansas just outside Ft. Riley on the west side; we are on the east side. I went by to see her within a few hours after receiving the letter and the sister was so “glad” that we showed that much interest in her spiritual well-being, she had no knowledge of a “sound, conservative” group meeting nearby prior to our contact and the letter from the sister from Wichita which had arrived just before we did.

Inasmuch as there are a number of people coming to Ft. Riley and moving out, I would like to hear from those who are meeting near military bases so I can tell any who are leaving here where you are. Take note, you who are meeting near a military base, of our address (1112 Pierre in Manhattan Kansas) and inform any military personnel there of our meeting place and/or our personal address (1937 Judson, Manhattan, KS 66502) and phone number which was listed above. Also, you may inform us that they are coming, so we can be expecting them and possibly help them in some way to find a good living quarters, etc.

Also, we would like to hear of congregations meeting near college campuses, so we can inform any student that is transferring there. If you have any who are coming to KSU, be sure to let them know of us. The parent would surely manifest a Christian concern who helps the son or daughter learn of a congregation which is faithfully working under the Lord and encourage them to be a part of it. A failure to be concerned and make the effort manifests either a lack of knowledge or love for the child. Disciples must remain faithful till death, if the eternal well being is to be secured. Such requires serving – being active in the Lord’s word and seeking to interest and motivate others to be faithful.

So, as the disciple Onesiphorus “sought” Paul out “diligently, and found” him and was not ashamed of his “chain” (2 Tim. 1:16-18), each child of God today must show an equal concern for truth and God’s disciples. Can we help? Let us hear from you. You can help us help others by letting us know of your presence and determination to serve God faithfully.

Truth Magazine XXIV: 37, p. 599
September 18, 1980