Do You Know These Things About Communism?

By James R. Cope

Communists Are Atheists

The Bible declares, “The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God” (Psalm 14:1) but the Communist does not stop with his heart. From the housetops he shouts, “There is no God” and builds his tyranny upon it! Ignoring the arguments (the “dialectics”) of those who make unanswerable “dialectics” for the existence and reality of God, he ploughs straight ahead with his nefarious frauds, frightening, and incessant plans for what he calls an “inevitable rendezvous with destiny” which, he claims, will see Communism cover the earth and all class struggles and conflicts will cease, war will be no more, and every living creature will live on the fat of the land. Peace, he insists, will be the end result of war–“hot” war or “cold” war–and this “new world” will be a society “final” and “perfect.” It will be a godless, classless, stateless affair wherein all productive property will be held in common and wherein mankind’s activities will conform to the concept: “from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.” This he says (all Communists from Karl Marx down repeat it) will occur when the “proletariat” (the working class) has successfully overthrown by war–“hot” and “cold”–capitalism currently exemplified before the myriads of earth in the United State3 of America and its government.

This “Utopia” of tomorrow is identified as “pure communism.” It is the goal toward which every Communistic lie is told and then justified by “dialectical materialism.” It is this “fatalistic determinism of history” which, Communists say, makes right everything which the God of the Bible declares sinful and contrary to His holy image. If murder promotes Communism it is right to murder; if rape promotes Communism it is right to defile your own mother or daughter; if theft works for Communism it is morally right to steal–so say the Communists! Utter disregard for the God of the Bible and creation as the Bible reveals it makes it right because Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels and V. I. Lenin and Joseph Stalin and V. M. Krushchev say it is right and they .say it is right because “there is no God” to declare these immoral activities “immoral” and therefore wrong.

Furthermore, immorality from Jehovah’s viewpoint is never immoral from the Communist’s viewpoint unless it in some way slows down the world march of Communism. Likewise morality from Jehovah’s viewpoint is never moral from the Communist’s viewpoint unless it in some way expedites and emphasizes the world conquest by Communism. Thus it is morally right to lie, steal and murder if you are a Communist and doing it to advance Communism and it is morally wrong to tell the truth, deal honestly with all men, and to respect and preserve the dignity of human life if these things do not advance Communism! From a Communist’s viewpoint there is no moral taught by the God of the Bible which is good for the Communist’s cause and there is, no moral evil taught by the God of the Bible which is evil to the Communist’s cause. What God calls evil the Communist calls good and what God calls good the Communist calls evil when viewed with a Communistic eye in the light of Communistic aims– world conquest by incessant war, cold war and hot war, but always war–ceaseless war, eternal war! And I ask: if there is no God, and man is merely matter in motion, why should anybody be concerned about morality in any Biblical sense? If man is just like “little dog Rover–when dead he’s dead all over,” why be any more concerned about what will happen to your children than Rover is concerned about his grand puppies?

Again I inquire: do you accept this rot-any of it? Are you aware that many people do accept it? What are you doing to arm yourself to meet it? Are you doing anything to help your children understand the situation and the desperate condition of this nation and the world? What are you reading? What are your children reading? Are they getting the facts or are they getting fiction? How do you know what they are getting? And how do you know that you know? Are you sure? What are you doing where you live–at home, in your business, in your community? Anything7 If so, what? If not, why aren’t you? Do you want some good books to read? Do you want them enough to write me about how to get them? Do you want to do something in your community about this international menace, this master of deceit? Do you want me to tell you how to do something constructive? Would you like to know what people in other parts of America who are awakening in order to survive are doing individually and collectively? If you are interested in helping yourself and your children I am interested in helping you. If you are not interested in helping your children I want to help them anyway, but I can’t do it without you.


Communist Party Membership Is Restricted


Party leaders don’t accept just anybody into the Party. They feel that the masses cannot be trusted to make a revolution. They will have none in the Party who is unwilling to die for the Party and simply and only because the Party tells them to die. From L903 forward Vladimir Lenin insisted that the Party should consist only of “trained revolutionaries.” For seventeen years Lenin worked day and night to perfect revolutionary plans, which found expression in 1917. With the collapse of Russian resistance to German attacks in World War I the Czar’s government fell. This was the signal for disciples of Karl Marx who had been exiled from Petrograd to return. Home came Lenin himself from Switzerland, Leon Trotsky from New York City and Stalin from Siberia. Each was schooled in intrigue and revolutionary tactics, each was devoted to the Marxian doctrine of dialectical materialism (1–everything in the universe is constantly changing and also in conflict; 2–there is no God and man is only matter in motion, merely matter without soul or spirit and having no value within himself except as he may serve the purposes of the State which, currently, Communists identify with the Party), each was brilliant, each was determined to promote Communism not only in Russia but throughout the world, each was unscrupulous and each was ruthless.

Only those who are unreservedly committed to the thinking of Lenin regarding eternal revolution have any place in the Communist Party which claims it will be ruling the United States of America by 1973. It is generally agreed among the Communists that the “take over” of America will result in the “liquidation” of at least one out of every three then-living U. S. citizens. If the population of our country remained static this would mean 60,000,000 Americans — your children and mine –will die at the hands of these ruthless barbarians. Actually, however, the number will be nearer 100,000,000 and they freely admit this possibility even without any kind of nuclear attack.

Are you ready for this to happen to your children? What are you doing to prevent it? Are you informing yourself about the nature and tactics of International Communism? If not, why not? You can never conquer cancer if you refuse to admit you have it and you can never conquer Communism unless you know what you are fighting. Are you merely reading newspapers or are you getting factually documented books and pamphlets, which will present to you the unvarnished truth? Are you doing anything in your community to stir your neighbors and friends to your joint duty in fighting this Godless materialistic monster and master of millions? If so, what? If not, why aren’t you?

I’m scared . . . plenty scared! … And I’m doing my “dead-levelist” to scare you if you’re not already afraid. I don’t want to panic … I don’t intend to panic … I don’t want you to panic. There’s no sense in your becoming panicky . . . but there’s no sense in our losing everything our forefathers have wrought for us and which by God’s help, we have wrought for our children and ourselves. God forbid that we should surrender this heritage upon the altar of unconcern and blind stupidity.

A few days ago one America’s foremost authorities on Communism told me that the current U. S. A. “negotiations” with Moscow is the sixty-first such meeting since the founding of the United Nations. He said that the score now stands 60 to 0 against us–that there is not one instance where our government has gained anything except eventual embarrassment and continued frustration from “negotiating.” We continue “negotiation,” the Kremlin continues “negation” and the free world moves daily toward “prostration.” Communism tactics say, “We negotiate to delay, we infiltrate to betray, we propagandize to stay and we paralyze to slay.” Westerners who best know this process say that the entire plan of Communist conquest would collapse if America would take the initiative, refuse to be frightened by threat of military attack and repudiate intimidation by appeasement whether directed toward America or weaker countries.

No, I don’t see a Communist behind every tree but I’m terribly concerned about keeping the underbrush so completely cut away that all of us can know the difference between trees with the trade mark “made in America by Americans” and trees marked “made in America by Communists! ” What are you doing about that trademark neighbor?

Truth Magazine VI: 4, pp. 4-6
January 1962