Drought and Crop-Failure Produce Critical Need in Philippines

By Jim McDonald

Many appeal letters have come from almost all quarters of the Philippines with pleas for help to buy rice. From November 1994 – April 1995 there was virtually no rain and this drought has made the rice harvest a disaster. Since rice is the major food for Filipinos, a great crisis has arisen. The Philippine government has imported rice from other Asian nations but this has not fully resolved the problem. Citizens must stand in line for 3-4 hours to buy a small supply of rice and the scarcity of the commodity has driven the price to more than double the price it was six months ago. This condition exists on Luzon, Palawan, Oriental Negos and many other islands as well.

Very likely, to congregations and/or brethren who sup-port or already have contact with Filipino brethren the above information is not new. We simply say, the crisis is real, the need is genuine, and if it is at all possible that you can do so, double up with your help one month to him/whom you support. And, provide extra for those in the congregation (or congregations) he works with. They are affected just as adversely as is he.

There are however, many areas in which preachers receive no help from brethren in the States and which will receive no help from the above suggestion. They also are bitterly affected by this disaster and need help ever bit as much as others. We do not propose to be a “collection agency for Philippine Food Distribution” but since we are in con-tact with a dozen or so general areas in which there are pockets of churches from 10-12 and from 45-50, we are familiar with faithful men in all these areas who would faith-fully distribute benevolence to needy brethren and would provide signed sheets showing such distribution was made. There are likely 200 or more congregations affected by this, containing thousands of Christians, some being affected more severely than others, of course.

If you desire to help, names and addressees to whom help can be sent can be supplied to you. I can be reached by telephone Sunday nights (after 9 PM)  Thursday noon at (409) 63270229 and from Thursday nights 9 PM Sun-day 4 PM at (903) 935-5597. You may also write: P.O. Box 155032, Lufkin, Texas 75915-5032.

Guardian of Truth XXXIX: No. 23, p. 7
December 7, 1995