Drugs and Alcohol Bad News

By S. Leonard Tyler

Improper use of drugs whether it be the weed, powder, liquid or pills is bad news. The sad, tragic stories fill-up our news papers, challenge our peace officers and fill our court rooms with victims and broken-hearted mother, father, brother and sister. The judges belabor the tasks placed upon them to find the answer, what is best? The problem grows worse and worse.

The solution can not come from the officers, courts, judges or jails. This is not belittling any of these officials or institutions. We need them. They have a vital place to fill and may they be aware and fill it well. But their efforts can never solve the problem. We need, and must awake to the reality, every avenue of influence to protect, salvage and encourage all boys, girls, men and women to kick the habit and build a new attitude toward life.

The answer must come from the home basically and fundamentally. If the home is corrupted and fails to teach, train and set the right example, the problem becomes intensified and a cure must be sought rather than a prevention. The home must be awakened to the intensiveness of the drugs, alcohol being one of them. These are not pleasurable items but destructive, mind cluttering and destroying.

The Bible teaching should be the very source of right standards, attitudes and directions for a clean, wholesome, pure, active and accomplishing life, even to the spiritual purity and hospitable manner of seeking to lead all men to Jesus the Savior. “The truth shall make you free.”

Every media of communication must be employed to help teach the facts regarding drugs and alcohol. Why do I put alcohol in at every opportunity? Because it is not only neglected but, so many times and by so many, thought of a means of getting off of other drugs. It is not a means of breaking the drug addiction. It is a drug characterized in its addiction – alcoholism. Alcoholism is one of our major drug problems. It is associated with more automobile accidents, more wounded and more deaths, as the news usually reads, “Alcohol-related.” Think on the following.

An editorial appeared recently in the Longview (TX) News-Journal under “Drugs and Len Bias’ Death.” He started with quotes from a friend about Len, “So full of life. Fun to be with. His jokes were the best. Hard to believe they’re carrying him away now.” The editorial added, “Well, the fun is over. The jokes are no more. Life is gone.” The Drug which was supposedly to give a high – gave death!

“They carried 22-year-old Len Bias away because he was dead, the victim of a cocaine-induced heart stoppage. In stead of playing basketball for the world champion Boston Celtics, Bias has been consigned to his grave.”

A news item, the recent cocaine-related death of Len Bias and Don Rogers should make all of us think but may it help our young men to avoid the stuff. It is damning.

Guardian of Truth XXXI: 21, p. 655
November 5, 1987