Editorial: Cecil Willis to Edit Truth Magazine

By Bryan Vinson, Jr.

With the publication of this issue of TRUTH Magazine I will vacate the “editor’s chair.” For almost six years, from the beginning of publication, I have occupied that position. It has been a rewarding experience. I have learned a great deal while making many mistakes. I have seen the magazine grow. In many ways I regret leaving this position. Through the medium of TRUTH I have made many friends, and, as one might expect, a few enemies. I have been both justly and unjustly criticized. It is not, however, for these reasons that I now step down. I have had to make many sacrifices of both time and money in order to have a part in the publication of TRUTH. I now feel that l must “give up” some of the assumed responsibilities that demand so much of my time in order that I might be able to do a better work in other areas. I do not forfeit my position with TRUTH because I consider it of little importance, but because I have a friend, a devoted and faithful servant of Jesus who is willing and capable of stepping in and doing a better job.

I have known Cecil Willis since 1951. We attended school together at Florida Christian College. I have always been impressed with his ability and his sincerity. I have considered our friendship as one that has grown closer and closer through the years. I have followed the reports of his labors with great interest, and have seen him become recognized as one of the most talented young preachers of our present generation. We have worked together in meetings. I know of his soundness and dedication to the truth.

No member of the staff of TRUTH has expressed more interest in the welfare of the paper than Cecil. He has been instrumental in opening the doors of hundreds of homes to TRUTH each month. He has shared in the financial burden that seems inherently to accompany such a project as TRUTH. He has contributed some of the finest articles that have ever been printed upon its pages. T have no doubt whatever but what he will be able to publish a magazine that all conservative brethren will admire and be proud of.

I am not leaving TRUTH Magazine. I am only stepping aside from the position of editor. I will continue to support this effort to the best of my ability. I want to urge all of the present readers to continue to support TRUTH. Send in additional names and addresses so that its circul4tion can be increased. If TRUTH is worth having, it is certainly worth supporting. I shall continue to do so, and I trust that each of you will also.

Truth Magazine VI: 11, pp. 2
August 1962