Editorial Left-Overs

By Connie W. Adams

Care One for Another

I lift the following heartwarming item from a recent report from Thomas Bunting about the work in Norway:

“In response to an article in brother Connie Adams’ paper, I have received letters from brethren in the States, Italy, Philippines and Mexico. These words came from faithful brethren who are laboring under very difficult and hard circumstances. They write to us to encourage us to hold out, to be strong in the Lord and to trust in God.

“The work in Norway is slow regarding the progress of the work, but one living in Norway does not suffer the same anxieties and physical needs that some of these brethren must live under. I hope that I can convey the thoughts or feelings I have, but do you get the picture? Brethren in the western States, who struggle to establish the Lord’s church about like we do here in Norway, encourage us to hold out. Brethren in Italy, who have suffered religious persecution, write words of encouragement to keep up the fight. Brethren in Mexico and Philippines, who live under extreme poverty, write to encourage us to keep up our faith. Do you begin to see the real character of faithful Christians? Those who suffer hardships can understand best the difficulties of others. These are Christians who suffer themselves, not writing to ask for something, but writing to give something.

“Like the letters of Paul, these brethren write and tell of their prayers on our behalf. They tell us of their concern for us and the Lord’s work here. They send words of encouragement for us to keep the faith and continue to proclaim the true gospel. Thank you one and all for your help!”

What Retirement?

After the announcement went out that Searching the Scriptures was ceasing publication a number have concluded that I was “retiring.” Some have asked what I planned to do with my spare time. I have told them I would like to have some. For nearly twenty years my spare time was consumed editing and publishing a paper. For the last 18 years, I have conducted 18-23 meetings each year from March through November and then spent winter months teaching a class every other day. I am continuing to write as I can for Guardian of Truth, the meeting work continues as before and so do the classes. My wife and I have no retirement plans. As long as health permits and opportunities are open to preach the word, that is what we will do. Check our meeting schedule for 1993. If you are in one of these areas, we would love to see you.

Hard Work and Success

I am teaching a high school class this winter using Mike Willis’ excellent workbook on Proverbs. I really like the lessons on “laziness.” Consider this verse: “He becometh poor that dealeth with a slack hand: but the hand of the diligent maketh rich” (Prov. 10:4). I am weary of hearing successful people lambasted. There is a direct relationship between effort and success in any worthwhile thing. Some of this mouthing springs from envy. I like what I heard one prominent business man say. He said, “The harder I work the luckier I become.” We have bred a nation of people all too willing to feed at the public trough and it places an extra burden on those who are willing to work for a living, pay their taxes and provide enough “pork” for a “big brother” government to take care of all those with hands out for the public dole. Meanwhile, we see “help wanted” signs in businesses all over America.

Guardian of Truth XXXVII: 4, p. 3
February 18, 1993