Editor’s Introduction

By Mike Willis

I am delighted to present the material in the following special issues of Truth Magazine to our subscribers. The subject matter is relevant; we are living in an age of moral crisis and need material prepared to help us teach our children the truth of God’s word relative to a number of important subjects. Hence, this special series of issues is designed to teach the truth regarding Abstain From Every Form of Evil.

The material is designed to be used for classroom study as well as for the personal reading of individuals. It is my hope that this material will be so well received that it will be considered appropriate material for Bible classes for young people and adults alike. I know that the material speaks to pertinent issues which face us today; I know that the writers have done their homework well; I know that the material needs to be circulated. It is my prayer that this collection of material will be used by brethren for many years to come.

Given below is a list of subjects and authors for these coming issues:

Dancing: Marshall Patton

Smoking: Doctor Curtis Torno

Drugs: Dr. James McCain

Marijuana: Keith Clayton

Fornication and Adultery: Tom O’Neal

Living In Adultery: J.T. Smith

Abortion: Bob Buchanan

Pornography: Dennis Abernathy

Shoplifting: Jerry Parks

Profanity: Earl E. Robertson

Immodest Dress: David Tant

Mixed Swimming: Ron Halbrook

The Basis of Christian Ethics: Norman Midgette

Situation Ethics: Weldon Warnock

The Authority of the Bible in Ethics: Gutherie Dean

Respectable Worldliness: Hiram Hutto

Gambling: Larry Halley

Gospel Preachers Cannot Compromise With Worldliness: Mike Willis

I want to personally express appreciation to each of our authors for working with me in producing this material and getting it together in time for this publication, date. They have generally been very attentive to deadlines. Too, the labor which they did to make this excellent material will be apparent to all.

I want to also express appreciation to Miss Brenda Preuitt of Nashville, Tennessee for her labor in producing our cover. Miss Preuitt is not only known for her artistic abilities, but more especially for her faith in God. I want to publicly express appreciation for her labor as well.

And now, I commend to you the following pages of Truth Magazine for your careful study and prayerful consideration. I think that you will agree-that it is worthy of both. If you like this kind of material being printed regularly, you can express your appreciation by helping us to circulate this material. This material will most probably be available in booklet form later this year; recommend that the congregation where you worship use it in their Bible classes. Too, this kind of material can be circulated by recommending Truth Magazine to your friends. Help us to increase the circulation of the paper in order that this kind of material can be disseminated more extensively. Can you personally send the paper to ten of your friends for a mere $7.50 per month? Can you send it to twenty of your friends for $15.00 per month? If so, please help us. If you can do nothing more than this, please send it to one of your friends for $10.00. Your help in increasing the circulation of the paper is a means of helping others study pertinent material extracted from God’s word.

Truth Magazine XXIII: 20, p. 322
May 17, 1979