El Toro Church Prevents any Unwarranted Assumptions

By Ron Halbrook

Truth Magazine recently carried my article entitled “NEW UNITY” BEAT GOES ON, AND ON AND ON AND ON. . . (April 8, 1976, pp. 5-8). In discussing the duplicity, compromise, error, and deception perpetrated by Gordon Wilson, I noted his present location in view of his recent move from St. Louis, Missouri. I mentioned that he “presently preaches at El Toro, California” (p.7).

Though I did not know (and, consequently, did not indicate) anything one way or the other about El Toro’s stand, it is the sentiment of these brethren that they are not ashamed to let their stand be known. The El Toro church advocates New Testament Christianity and therefore opposes the unscriptural innovations of the last 25 years. More than that, it has no interest in the subsequent compromises proposed by W. Carl Ketcherside and his fellow travelers. (In that regard, Wilson’s doctrinal vacillations were unknown to them when they engaged him to work with them.) And, finally, because of problems which arose before my article came to their attention, they had terminated Gordon Wilson’s evangelistic work there. These facts prevent any unwarrented assumptions being made about the soundness of El Toro simply because Gordon Wilson preached there for a short time.

These facts have come to my attention since writing the above-mentioned article. I am glad to pass them along. The sentiments of the El Toro church are to be commended. Their desire to leave no room for any appearance of issuing an uncertain sound sets a good example for all of us. Their determination to continue walking in the old paths of divine revelation is an example badly needed today.

Truth Magazine XX: 28, p. 445
July 15, 1976