Ellettsville Preacher Training Program

By Connie W. Adams

The Preacher Training Program conducted by the Ellettsville, Indiana church of Christ will be held July 27-August 7, 1998. The program will include instruction in: Doing the work of an evangelist; Preaching in today’s world; Carrying out the great commission; Overcoming stage fright; Finding and putting sermons together; Conducting weddings and funerals; Radio Preaching; Building a good library; Publishing a church bulletin; Teaching home Bible studies; Writing effective articles; Conducting gospel meetings; Studying and understanding the Bible; Learning to be a good listener; Bible history and geography; Combating false doctrines; Working with a local church, and other related matters.

As before, these classes will be taught by Johnie Edwards and Johnie Paul  Edwards with guest speakers to address special subjects. Lodging and meals will be provided by local Christians for those who wish to stay in the area. Some have already registered and space is limited. Those interested should register soon. Write to:

Ellettsville Church of Christ

303 Temperance Street

Ellettsville, Indiana 47429

Phone: (812) 876-2285 or (812) 336-2085

For the last two years it has been my privilege to speak once to these eager students. In my opinion, great good is being done by this concentrated period of studies. In addition to all-day classes, there is much work assigned to be done each evening. The approach is practical and militant.

Interestingly, this program inspired Paul Williams of Eshowe, South Africa to plan a similar two-weeks program patterned after this one in Ellettsville. I to assisted Paul Williams in this program January 5-16. The remaining time was spent in the White River area and in Johannesburg area in preaching and teaching the word of God.