Elvis Presley

By Larry Ray Hafley

We are not here concerned with the man or his music in this article. Our opinions respecting him vary, as do all our tastes, likes and dislikes. Think with me, though, about life, death, judgment, God and eternity.

Elvis Had Fame

Elvis-the name is known by all. No one says, “Elvis who?” His death was a shock to most all of us. Regardless of our feelings toward him and his career, we considered his person when we heard of his transition from this world to the hidden hadean realm. Entertainers and public figures have their full names emblazoned in marquee lights, but not Elvis. All one had to do was say, “Elvis,” and you knew who was being talked about. It is not so with “Johnny” (Cash or Carson?). But “Elvis” we all knew. He had fame, instant recognition. Still, he died. His body will rot. His spirit went back to God who gave it. He will stand in the judgment. Fame does not permit one to escape death and judgment. Elvis could be checked through airports privately. There was no waiting in line for tickets or baggage. He had his own fleet of jet aircraft. He did not travel as we do, but he died as we do, and he will be judged as we will be.

Elvis Had Riches

Elvis’ wealth was doubtless a staggering fortune. He gave away luxury cars like most of us give away after shave lotion at Christmas time. He lived in a mansion. He had servants and personal aids. He lived in the style of a King or President, if not in greater royalty. He had anything money could obtain. But he died. As the Psalmist said, no man can buy his way around death. It comes to us all whether we be rich or poor (Psa. 49:60. Solomon had such wealth, but it did not spare him, either.

Elvis Had Honor And Glory

Elvis had all the personal honor and glory that one could ever hope for. He could not appear in public due to his overwhelming popular appeal. He was adored and acclaimed by multi-millions of fans. But he died. He was buried. His life is gone. Tributes and praise cannot restore him to life. Just like your uncle, your next door neighbor, or your pet dog, when death consumed him, it was final, irrevocable. His personal physician worked over his body, crying, “Breathe for me, Elvis,” but he did not respond. Celebrity status is not an exemption from death, God, and the judgment.


A famous person, one with great wealth and much honor and glory, often becomes larger than life. Elvis Presley was such an one to many people. However, fame, riches, honor and glory cannot separate one from the inevitable facts of death, judgment and eternity. Remember that.

Truth Magazine XXI: 44, p. 690
November 10, 1977