Episcopals to Ordain Women Priests

By Larry Ray Hafley

Comes now the news that the Episcopal Church has authorized the ordination of women priests (priestesses?). Someone hand me a stick so I can dust off the seat of their clerical robes-better make it a gospel cudgel. Actually, though, I might as well warn a parking meter that I am going to arrest it for loitering as to rebuke the Episcopal House of Bishops for okaying lady bishops (bishopesses?). The Episcopal Church has every right to ordain women as priests. They have their ecclesiastical laws and political procedure. According to the news media, they passed the policy in legitimate fashion. (Not, of course, in scriptural fashion, but in their legal fashion.) “So what was I that I could withstand their laws? Since you have heard these things, hold your Bible and vilify the Episcopal creed, saying, then hath their Congress also to

the women granted priesthood unto bishops.”

Do you think that a preacher armed only with a New Testament could veto the legislation of a powerful denomination? It is like trying to shoot down a 747 with a BB gun. Imagine hunting elephants with a fly swatter. That is how much effect the word of God has upon Anger, like all other emotions, is God given. Anger is Episcopalian edicts. At present, the word of God is not not sinful or damaging. It is a motivating emotion that their concern, but it will be their judge! They may now disdain it, scorn it, and plant plants which our heavenly Father has not grown, but they shall be rooted up. Except the Lord make the laws, they legislate in vain that do make them. Further, “the word of God liveth and abideth forever.” That is a certain, stedfast truth. It is an awesome fearful fact. Yes, the Episcopal hierarchy can dismiss diatribes with amusement. They can smile benevolently as we shake a worn and wadded up New Testament at them, belief

but one day they will have to answer to it. Their House of Bishops cannot save them then. That is sad, is it not?


While on the subject of lady bishops, it might be worthwhile to note that a few churches of Christ have been plagued with them. The Lord does not send frogs, lice or swarms of flies, but occasionally a church will have an outbreak of women elders. Weak, hen-pecked brethren call them “she-elders,” but never to their faces. They might be “disfellowshipped” by those same “she-elders” if they do. The Episcopal Church had to go through a lot of red tape to get their women in as bishops. Churches of Christ have a quieter, less fan-fare approach. The ladies simply usurp an elder’s function after the manner of parasites and bullies. They siphon “power” from their husbands and intimidate others with their “tongue speaking,” or gossip. At least the Episcopal women have to go through diplomatic channels and due process before they can attain to the bishopric, but there is nothing very diplomatic about a lady elder in a congregation of the Lord’s people. They are not overly concerned about lawful means. They seize power like a South American military junta.

However, we can be grateful and thankful that such cases are rare. The Lord has blessed His church with meek, sweet women who exemplify and personify the spirit of Sarah (cf. 1 Pet. 3:6). But one lady bishop in a church of Christ can cause more trouble than a house full of Episcopalian creed makers. If it ever comes up for a vote, mine is cast for repelling and expelling them. If you worship where there is a lady elder in power, you can cast your ballot, too. Have no fear. We will make sure it is kept secret. Our brethren are generally against voting, though, so they have to resort to petitions. The only trouble with a petition is that they are torn up by “she-elders” if they do not happen to agree with them. Besides, a business meeting is too public. Just stay home from them and say there is no scripture for a business meeting. That way you will not have to take part. The ladies may even let you pass communion next Sunday!

Truth Magazine XXI: 31, p. 486
August 11, 1977