Everlasting Friend

By: Myrtle Webb Williams

As I look over my life,

From beginning to end,

The most important gift

I ever received came from God,

Who gave me Jesus.

He is my everlasting friend.

From what other source

Could I receive salvation,

Blessings and love,

An eternal home

In mansions above;

But from Jesus,

My everlasting friend.

He came teaching

The council, scribes, Pharisees,

Elders, Chief Priests and the Jews,

His disciples and the multitudes.

He healed the sick

To show he came from

His Father above,

Such power was

The badge of approval

That distinguished

Him as God’s only begotten Son,

In whom His Father

Was well pleased;

For He came to

Do the will of His Father,

And He is the Son

Of my one and only God.

He gave up His life.

Upon the cross

That I might have

Mine in the giving.

Holy is the Spirit

That spoke the word,

Food from the bread of life,

Drink from the living water

By which my soul is growing.

He arose on the first day of the week

And that is when we Christians meet

To sing and make melody in our hearts

Teaching and admonishing one another

In Psalms and Hymns and spiritual songs,

Giving thanks to God,

Through Jesus, His Son,

Doing all in the name of the Lord Jesus.

In Colossians 3:16 and Ephesians 5:19 we read

And follow the example, the word, the seed.

He is our Head.

Members of His Body are we;

The church, the bride,

Named for Her Spouse;

The Kingdom that come in 33 A.D.

He sits on the

Right hand of God.

Do you believe?

For your sins He died,

A sacrifice one for all.

Water He gave for your baptism

That you might be planted

Into the likeness of His death,

Where you are buried with Him

And meet the cleansing

Washing of His blood

As it flows over

And leaves you spotlessly clean.

Did you say, “Yes,

I believe that Jesus

Is the Son of God.

Before men,

I shall confess.”

And you have

Repented of your sins?

Why wait then,

Obey, arise and wash

Away your sins.

That is what Brother Saul did

In Acts 22:16.

Be baptized this very day.

The Lord will

Add you to HIS CHURCH.

On this you can depend,

He will for certain then

Be your everlasting friend.

Truth Magazine XXIII: 39, p. 636
October 4, 1979