Evolution: Fanciful Fantasy

By Donald P. Ames

For some time now we have been blasting away at the assumptions, guess work, fallacies, and unscientific conclusions of the teachers of the theory of evolution. Thus it is indeed interesting to note that “the scientific world” finally is ready to admit what has been evident to thoughtful observers all along: Evolution is any thing but scientific!

The U.S. News (2-27-89) carried an article on the new scientific view of the origin of man. While some of their conclusions reached are still off-base, it is interesting to note the things revealed about past conclusions. Note the following admission: “For years, scenes from the daily life of our ancient ancestors have been rendered with a dab of science and a bucketful of speculation. Based as much on wishful thinking or intellectual fashion as the scanty fossil evidence left by our ancestors. . . ” (Emp. mine – DPA). Now doesn’t that bolster your confidence to accept the arbitrary and dictatorial conclusions they then try to pass off as a “fact” that is so well established “no reputable scientist would question it” (though thousands deny it)?

But since honest confession is good for the soul, and the evolutionists are finally coming out with an honest confession, let’s note what else they are willing to admit. “Researchers realize that in the past they often reconstructed our ancestors’ lives by starting with assumptions about what early humans ought to be like, then searching for fossil evidence to support those assumptions” (Ibid., Emphasis mine – DPA). Then it wasn’t scientific at all! It was twisted proof(?) interpreted to make it fit their pre-conceived idea of what it “ought” to be! And they then have the audacity to mock those of us who disagree with their conclusions as being “unscientific”? In his tract God or Evolution?, Luther W. Blackmon says, “The late Sir Authur Keith, noted British anthropologist, said, ‘Evolution is unproved and unprovable, and the only reason we accept it is because it is the only alternative to special creation, and that is unthinkable.”‘ Evolutionists have gone all out to try to stop the teaching of special creation as an alternative theory in schools today on the basis it would promote religion and deny scientific investigation. From their own admission, the evolutionary theory is based on fanciful fantasy – not science!

But what new startling things are they finding to cause them to completely turn away from past ideas on evolution? They have finally decided to re-evaluate the things they have found, and instead of creating a complete human being (based on preconceived ideas of what he should look like) from a single tooth (no fooling!), they need to look more closely at the surrounding evidences as well – now that begins to sound scientific to me. And what are the new conclusions they are determining? “The first members of the human race were neither noble savages nor simple primitive versions of ourselves . . . like modern humans, they stood upright and spoke. They had feet that could have danced a waltz and hands with the dexterity to repair a pocket watch” (Ibid.). It wasn’t new evidence – just a more honest evaluation of what they had refused to consider before.

The Bible has nothing to fear from true science! The facts of science are in complete agreement with the Bible statements. The theories of men change almost every century, and it is looking more and more like the theory of evolution has run its course! Who knows, given a little more time, and they may even come to the startling conclusion, “In the beginning, God. . . . “

Guardian of Truth XXXIII: 11, p. 338
June 1, 1989