Evolution Stubs Its Toe Again

By Donald P. Ames

A great deal of publicity has been given to our efforts through Viking I and II to find life on Mars. Now it looks like such efforts failed completely to produce any evidence of life there at all. While this might seem to merely be a disappointment to many, the actual significance of such reaches far deeper than many realize. In an article that appeared in the Gary, Ind. Post-Tribune, July 30, 1976, it was pointed out that if these efforts failed to find evidence of life, “it could drastically change man’s theories of evolution and the origin of life on earth, says the chief biologist on the Viking team” (Dr. Harold Klein). In fact, Dr. Klein admitted that since evolutionary scientists were so sure Mars was similar to earth in its beginnings, if they failed to find evidences of life, “then the prevalent theory of chemical evolution here on earth `would need another looking at.'” He added that “the processes should have gotten started on Mars if this theory is correct.” However, if life did not turn up (and it did not), then he would be forced to conclude that the chemical theory of evolution would be “disproven”! And, of course, if that happened (and it did), the very basis of evolution would have collapsed and been proven totally false.

It sometimes costs us a lot of money to learn a very simple truth which the word of God has affirmed all along. We had to pay to learn the moon was not of similar composition as the earth (thus destroying the “explosion” theory), and now to learn there is no life on Mars. Both lessons turned out to be fatal to evolution. Yet, in Gen. 1:1, the Bible contained the answer all along — “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” It would be nice — and worth it — if these experiments forever laid the dust over the false theories of evolution which explain away God; but, unfortunately, they will merely switch to another and quietly forget these tragic losses. Do not be deceived, evolution is not a fact! And certainly these startling discoveries (to them) is clear evidence of this truth.

Truth Magazine XXII: 30, p. 489
August 3, 1978