False Teachers

By John Shadowens

On Thursday evening December 17, 1992, an interview was conducted on Prime Time Live with the Doctor Billy Graham. I have always admired this man for his ability to keep his audience’s attention. He is a powerful speaker with a great amount of influence. It was stated that he had preached to the largest audience on record at one time. I have marveled many times at the size of the audience, filling football stadiums upwards of 80,000. Isn’t this amazing? This man has rubbed elbows with several Presidents of the United States, praying with them, and probably advising them on certain things. Look at the influence that Dr. Graham has had on untold numbers of people.

Mr. Graham stated in the interview that he has felt like a failure in his ministry and his preaching. While I can appreciate his humility, I have to say unequivocally, that Mr. Graham is a false teacher. What is a false teacher? A false teacher is one who teaches something that is not true, whether deliberately or not. There are those today who say that a man is not a false teacher, if he doesn’t know he is teaching things not true. I disagree with this definition. Anyone can be a false teacher if he is teaching things untrue, especially when it comes to the word of God.

Mr. Graham stated that he only wanted to please one, that being Jesus Christ. Granted, he has preached Christ for a number of years; however, he has not declared the en-tire counsel of God. He has always stopped short of God’s plan of salvation. He has preached a faith only doctrine for years. I wonder if he had preached the entire counsel of God

“If we really want to

please God, we must keep his commandments.

The whole counsel of God must be declared.

Paul, the apostle of Jesus Christ did not

keep back anything that was profitable to


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