Field Reports


“145 members make up the Providence church of Christ, the oldest and largest church of Christ in Rockcastle County, Kentucky, with records dating back to 1843. An average of 150 people meet on Sunday morning in this rather sparsely populated farming community. About the same number – less visitors are present for the Sunday evening and Wednesday evening services.

“Two gospel meetings are held annually, as is a Vacation Bible School. During the two meetings held in 1979 there were five responses to the gospel, as it was preached by brothers Ron Mosby and Howard See. A total of thirty precious souls answered the Lord’s call here in 1979: eight were baptized, sixteen were restored and six expressed their desire to work and worship with this church.

“The local preacher, Austin Mobley, conducted ten meetings during the past year, baptizing eleven persons and seeing ten restored to their place in the kingdom. During 1979 three classrooms, a large vestibule, and a nursery were added to the existing facilities.

“The Providence church publishes two bulletins; one monthly which is mailed to approximately 600 persons and one weekly for local distribution. A bi-weekly article is published in the local newspaper. A weekly radio program is aired and beginning the first week in January, 1980, the format was changed to a call-in program.

“Men’s training classes are held periodically to aid those aspiring to teach and preach. In addition to the local work, the Providence church assists in the support of the gospel in other areas. In 1979 three preachers received financial aid from this church on a regular basis.

“Two elders, Roy G. Brown, and F.E. Gentry oversee the work of this church with seven deacons serving the congregation under their oversight.”

Carol R. Lumpkin, 2808 Doyle Street, Newport, AR 72112

“This is a short report of my work since returning to work with the Northside church of Christ (Newport, Arkansas) in mid-April of 1979. I had previously worked here for 39 months.

“There have been 2 baptisms and 6 restorations. Attendance has reached a high of 89 on Sunday morning and 85 on Sunday night, while the high for Wednesday night was 65. Contribution has also shown a good increase.

“The church here is self-supporting. We also do some mission work by sending some assistance to a preacher and intend to take on some more shortly.

“My meeting work for 1979 included the following: New Carlisle, Ohio in April, Freck, Arkansas in Aug-Sept., Lafayette Heights in Indianapolis, Indiana in October (2 Baptisms and 2 Confessions in the meetings). When traveling this way worship with us.

Greg Litmer, 419 W. Wyoming Avenue. Cincinnati, Ohio 45215

“Over the past 1 = years the Lord has blessed the work at Lockland considerably. There have been 20 baptisms and 52 restorations. As a result, the congregation has grown from a low of 135 to an average attendance of about 173. This has been accomplished through the leadership of two fine elders, Herman Genton and Vernon Taylor. We have conducted a series of television commercials offering a Free Bible Correspondence Course and the response was tremendous. Due to the response, one of our sisters, Jackie Edwards, now handles the paper work which has grown at times to practically a full-time job.

“Personally, I have been involved in two Gospel Meetings during the past year. One of them was at Englewood, Ohio, just a little north of Dayton. The main subject was Roman Catholicism and there were quite a number of visitors from the community. The other meeting was at the Springdale Church of Christ which is in Cincinnati. That congregation was started by a group from Lockland. The basic scheme of that meeting was morality. There was one restoration during that week.

“After having been at Lockland for 2 1/2 years, I will be leaving and moving to Hillsboro, Ohio to work with the Northside Church of Christ. I truly count myself blessed to have had the opportunity to work with such a fine group of people as make up the Lord’s Church at Lockland and to have `sat at the feet’ of two such dedicated elders.

“While in Cincinnati, visit with the church at Lockland. The brethren there are zealous and seeking to fulfill their obligation to spread the gospel of our Lord.”

Donnie V. Rader, 526 Highland Avenue, Box C, Lewisburg, TN 37091

“The work here at Main St. in Chapel Hill, Tennessee is looking as good, or better, than it has for sometime. For the first time in the history of the church here, it has a weekly radio broadcast, a weekly newspaper article along with the support of two gospel meetings each year. Plans for 1980 include the mailing out of the first lesson of a correspondence course to each family in town. In our efforts in 1979, three were converted and four restored. Our attendance has picked up some over the past year, now having 45 to 50 on Sunday mornings. This increase is partly due to the fact that some have located with us from other places. Even though the work seems to be slow, it is still looking good.”

Norman E. Fultz, P.O. Box 423, Raymore, MO 64083

“We are situated about twenty-five miles from the heart of Kansas City on the southeast perimeter of the metropolitan area. The congregation was begun in February, 1973. I moved here to work with the group in August, 1977. We moved into a modest, but very nice new building in October of that year. We feel a great deal of progress has been made. Attendance generally runs in the mid seventies; we recently had an attendance record of 92. Since the beginning of my work here, there have been eleven baptized, twenty-five have identified with us, and there have been nine confessions of sin. In the same period of time, we have lost thirteen – five due to unfaithfulness, eight due to moving. Prospects for continued growth look bright. If in this area, visit with us.”

Jack H. Kirby, 1325 Panlener, Las Cruces, NM 88001

“Attendance and interest has been good here this year. We have conducted classes on Evolution, Old Testament Survey, Proverbs, Harmony of the Gospels, Hebrews, Bible Drills for young folk, a Men’s Training Class, and several private Bible studies. We are also studying with a group of foreign students attending the University here. We have five Chinese students enrolled in one class that is proving to be very profitable. Eleven were baptized here this year (1979).

“Yater Tant held our fall meeting and all-time attendance records were set. His sermons related to the cooperation issues and division of the past thirty years. Many brethren from all five churches in town were in attendance for nearly every service. 115 were present for the last service. Three were baptized.

“Due to the death of one of our elders, brother Curry Lynch, the church appointed four men to serve as elders – Cecil Barr, Jack Kirby, G.U. Morris, and C. W. Reid. Phil Smith and Bryan Speck were selected to serve as deacons. The church was divided into four groups to serve in visitation. Each group serves one-quarter of the year. This has brought success. Regular teachers meetings were begun to assist all teachers, especially new ones, in upgrading our teaching.

“We conduct a weekly radio program on Sunday morning, and have a weekly announcement of services especially special classes, etc., in the local newspaper.

“Many cities in New Mexico do not have Christians meeting and serving after the New Testament order. We are seeking contacts in these cities to try to establish the cause there. If any reader knows of conservative Christians in this state who are living where no conservative Christians meet, please send us their names and addresses.

“The Defender, a monthly publication, is mailed to almost one thousand homes in New Mexico and the United States. If any reader would like to be on the mailing list, please send name and complete address.

“The church fully supports myself as well as assisting in the support of Salvador Lozano here in Las Cruces who is working with the Spanish speaking brethren, two native preachers in Nigeria, a brother Cepeda in Mexico, and James Lynch, until recently in Alaska.

“This writer preached in meetings in 1979 at Sunset in Odessa, TX; Southside in Lomets, TX; Wickett, TX; Northside in Fort Walton Beach, FL; and at Central in Roswell, NM. We have financial arrangements whereby we can hold meetings anywhere that good may be done. If any desire our services, write us at the above address.

“It is the prayer of this church and this writer that we. may do much more for our Lord in 1980 and the following years.”

Mackey W. Harden, 3535 N. Biscayne Road, Indianapolis, IN 46226

“My family and I moved to work with the Eastside Church of Christ, effective August 1, 1979. The Eastside building is located at 10055 East 25th Street, Indiananpolis, Indiana 46229. It is situated at the corner of 25th and Mitthoeffer Rd., and sets along the north side of Interstate 70, one mile east of the Post Road exit.

“Since our arrival things have gone extremely well. Interest is very high and the attitude is one of mutual love and concern. The group of Christians who meet here are some of the most friendly I have ever encountered. Also, they express a marvelous attitude in desiring to help those who are in need. They remind me a great deal of Paul’s mention of the “house of Stephanas,” in that “they have addicted themselves to the ministry of the saints” (1 Cor.16:15). This is refreshing indeed.

“The congregation conducts a visitation program and the ladies meet every other Monday evening for a Bible class. Also, there is a Bible class that meets at the Building on Thursday mornings. We are currently studying “Some Minor Characters of the Old Testment.” In addition to these, some of the men gather on Thursday evenings for an informal study and conversation concerning various biblical topics. All these classs are in addition to our regular services and Bible classes. Our attendance avei ages between 130-140, and the contribution averages around $850 per week.

“The future looks bright as the east side of Indianapolis seems to be ever-expanding. We have visitors from the community at almost every service. There have been three baptisms since August 1st, and some have been restored who were unfaithful. We have been working diligently with several who are not faithful, and we have seen many positive signs as a result of our efforts. Please pray for our endeavors.

“On November 4, 1979, I began editing The Eastside Persuader, a local bulletin designed to edify the local church. It has been well received by the brethren here. If you are visiting in the area please come and worship with us. Our Sunday services are 9:30 and 10:30 A.M. and 6:00 P.M. Wednesday Bible Study is at 7:30 P.M. The building phone number is 894-0497. We have two gospel meetings currently scheduled for 1980. Brother Andy DeKlerk of Tampa, FL, will be with us in June. Also, brother L.A. Stauffer of St. Louis, Missouri, will be with us in the fall.”

Ray F. Dively, 425 Dippold Avenue, Baden, PA 15005

“The year 1979 was another busy year for me. Besides the local work, I was privileged to preach for nineteen congregations in twelve states. Also, I preached in Canada, England, and I made my sixth preaching trip to India. If any congregation would like to have a personal report on the Lord’s work in India, I will be more than willing to do so. Please contact me.”

Weldon E. Warnock, 491 E. Woodsdale Ave., Akron, OH 44301

“We had three gospel meetings at Brown St. during 1979. Ward Hogland was with us in the April meeting, Lloyd Nash was here in August and Bill heist preached in the October meeting. Our attendance on Sunday morning runs between 250 and 275. Our attendance continues to show a slight increase, although we have lost some who moved away and others who became unfaithful. We are presently spending $2000 a month to help support preachers in other localities. Our one-hour, two-way talk radio program on Sunday morning continues to receive good response. I preached in 10 meetings during ’79; spoke three nights on the Thayer St. lectureship, conducted a camp at New Martinsville, WV for Florida College, led a tour to the Bible Lands and participated in a debate on the ‘artificial covering’ and ‘women teachers.’ This year was a most enjoyable year and I am looking forward to 1980.”

Wallace H. Little, 1201 Meeks Street, Corinth, MS 38834

“The congregation now seems to be over the trauma of the division which took place four months before I was invited to move here. Our attendance has steadied in the high 70’s and low 80’s. With rare exception, those who attend on the Lord’s day morning will be back in the evening and for midweek Bible class, unless prevented by illness or something else beyond their control. We have had several restorations but no baptisms. One family moving into the area has placed membership with us. Several other families tried us, found us “anti” and went elsewhere. We have had two fine gospel meetings. In the spring, Curtis Flatt was with us, and in November, Tom Bunting was here. In both cases, the lessons were particularly useful to the members here. Both meetings were well supported by brethren in other congregations, and we had a smattering of non-Christians visiting during these. Some came as a result of the advertising we did; most came because of personal invitations from the members.

“In 1980, we plan two gospel meetings and a VBS, along with our regular ‘diet’ of God’s Word in our assemblies and Bible classes. All passing through are w4come to be with us. Those moving here will find this congregation worthy of their confidence and their membership here would be most welcome.

“In addition to my support, this church supports wholly or in part fourteen other men, most of whom are overseas. We are blessed with generous givers who believe the function of the church is to worship God as He directs (Jn. 4:24) and see to it that His Word is preached wherever and whenever possible.”

Ron Halbrook, 1021 Welford Dr., Xenia, OH 45385

“After full-time works with churches at Wooley Springs near Athens, Alabama (1967-73) and Broadmoor in Nashville, Tennessee (1973-78), I will have completed two years with Knollwood near Xenia, Ohio, in April of 1980. On 19 August 1979, Donna and I were blessed with the arrival of Deborah Lynette, in addition to Jonathan (age 8) and David (age 3).

“Mike Willis and I enjoy laboring together as evangelists with the four fine elders (James Blackaby, Hayden Hastings, Harold Smith, and Rodney Smith). Attendance records for the year include 202 at Sunday A.M. classes, 219 at the regular worship period, 185 at the P.M. service, and 160 on Wednesday. Rodney Smith taught a Tuesday morning class during the year for brethren unable to attend Wednesday P.M. The high contribution was $1687. During gospel meetings, we enjoyed the preaching of Ward Hogland (22-27 April) and H.E. Phillips (10-16 September). Mike Willis debated Eddie Garrett at the Primitive Baptist Church near Franklin, Ohio, on 16-17 and 19-20 April. The subject was Calvinism and the house was packed every night. A Missionary Baptist issued the challenge to meet Larry Hafley in out area this Fall, but the challenge fell when the challenger failed to complete arrangements! Weldon Warnock met J.W. Holcomb in debate over his claim that women must wear a religious garment on the head and his denial that they can teach classes of women and children, two nights (3-4 Dec.) here and two (6-7 Dec.) at Dorothy Ave. in Fairborn. The high attendance for the debate was on the 4th, with 243. Warnock emphasized every night the need to apply Romans 14 to one another while studying these subjects, but Holcomb insisted that brethren dissenting from his views must be disciplined and disfellowshipped even if division comes.

“Among visiting preachers who spoke during the year were Brian J. Boland of England an# Dr. Evan Blackmore, who is also a physician in Australia. Those in (he church who have worked toward beginning full-time work as preachers this year are Dennis Allan (attended Florida College), Gary Bagwell (began with the church in Newark, Ohio), Steve Wallace (gained experience, then recently enrolled to study with the church in Danville, Kentucky), and Randy Blackaby (has preached part-time for several years, but is making the transition to full-time). The church here gives substantial financial support to Darrell Haub (who went out from Knollwood) in Muncie, Indiana, to Gary Bagwell, and to Virgillio Villanueva in the Philippines. Our evangelistic work on radio station WAVI in Dayton with the `Bible Forum’ call-in program for an hour Sunday mornings (8:30-9:30) continues to be fruitful. The church here provides every family with Truth Magazine, contributing to one of the best informed memberships I have been around.

“In addition to the local work here, I was in gospel meetings during 1979 with brethren at Cob Hill and Leitchfield, Kentucky; Harrison; Haynes St. in Dayton; Berea; Cedar Cliff (one night); Franklin (one night); and Mf. Zion near Hillsboro (one night); Ohio; Huntsville, Alabama; and Alto, Texas. Brethren are either working harder or getting a better response from their efforts, because more people outside the Lord’s church are attending these meetings. I especially notice more in the age group from late teens into twenties, and more Roman Catholics. Recent Gallup polls claim so-called evangelical or conservative religious groups are stronger than ever in America, which should mean increasing opportunities for us to teach people the truth if we keep working at it with faith in the gospel power. My meetings in 1980 include Tomlinson Run near Georgetown, Pennsylvania (28 Apr.-4 May); Broadmoor in Nashville, Tennessee (July); Wellsburg, West Virginia (Sept.); Ft. Wayne (6-12 Oct.) and Muncie, Indiana; Kenosha, Wisconsin (27 Oct.-2 Nov.); and Cob Hill, Kentucky (May 25-30).”

Leslie Diestelkamp, 111 S. Baybrook Dr. !1213, Palatine, IL 60067

“Our local work here at Palatine, in Chicago’s north-west suburbs, has been steady, though not great. We now help support four men around the world and had three meetings locally with Herman Mason, Dale Smelser and Martin Broadwell in 1979. Our next meeting is with Ferrell Jenkins April 17-20 in a series on the book of Revelation. In the year just ended, I preached in meetings of various lengths in Glen Ellen, IL; Alder Springs (Iberia, MO); East Alton, IL; Noblesville, IN; Limestone, ME and Rockford, IL (and also spoke in the Thayer St. Lectures, Akron, OH).”

Tom M. Roberts, 6110 White Settlement Road, Fort Worth, TX 76114

“Since the beginning of the West Side congregation in Fort Worth, Texas in 1959, heavy emphasis has been placed on preaching the gospel in places beyond the local community. All indebtedness for the building has long since been cleared and this has permitted a regular and sizable proportion (up to 75% at times) of the contributions to be used in the support of evangelists in addition to the local men. During the past year, twelve men have been either fully or partially supported in the United States and abroad. The men and places in which they labor include:

Romulo Agduma (deceased Nov. 25, 1979), the Republic of the Philippines

Marino Palmones, the Philippines (fully-supported)

Ricardo Jumawid, the Philippines (fully-supported)

Rudy Peralta, the Philippines (fully-supported)

Emiliano Trevina, Mexico

Jerry Drawbaugh, Stephenville, Texas

Gailen Evans, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Steve Goff, Kaysville, Utah

David King, Wichita, Kansas

Don Partain, Missoula, Montana

H.M. Porter, Brownwood, Texas

Dennis Scroggins, Austin, Texas

Other men have been assisted on a one-time basis for moving expenses, etc.

“Local efforts last year included a spring vacation Bible school conducted in the evening with a special theme for the adults and a gospel meeting in the fall. Guest preachers during different evenings of the vacation Bible school were Patrick Farish, Robert Gabhart, Bill Reeves, Al Payne and Hayse Reneau. In the fall, Leon Goff brought an excellent series of lessons prepared from the Hebrew letter. Additionally, we are using the Bible correspondence course and the Jule Miller film strip in personal work efforts. To prepare local members to use the film strips, we have had a personal work class at 5 p.m. on Sunday evenings and plan to use them in the ladies’ Bible class in the spring. Gospel meetings planned for 1980 include efforts by Yater Tant in March and Roy Cogdill in October.

“October of 1979 marked the beginning of my eighth year with this good church. While the attendance is down due to job and military transfers, the contributions are at an all-time high and the church is at peace. We are looking forward to a third decade of existence as a congregation with zeal and a positive attitude based on sound Bible practices.

“May we take this opportunity to express appreciation to Truth Magazine for providing a forum through which encouragement and edification for Christians is made possible.”

Donald P. Ames, 1500 S. Ridgeland Avenue, Berwyn, IL 60402

“The work in Berwyn has progressed slowly, yet I feel some definite gains have been realized spiritually and numerically. Attendance has averaged 101 during 1979 (with 70 on Wednesday evenings!). Weldon Warnock and Aubrey Belue were with us in gospel meetings; L.A. Stauffer and Rodney M. Miller will be with us this year. Our VBS was held in August with good attendance (including some from the community). It was conducted in the evening, with guest speakers preaching for the adult class. Other guest speakers during the year included: Max Burger (Australia), Chuck Kozens (Pine City, MN – whom the church here is helping to support), Craig Elam (home from Florida College) and Rufus Meriweather, Jr:

“Despite an unusually high ratio of illness among members (including a lot of health problems for my wife as well), and the loss of several families who moved away, the church here held its own very well. We have had 3 baptisms, 3 restored and 2 who placed membership. Like many places in big cities, we have had problems also with materialism and indifference to contend with. We have succeeded in paying off the mortgage and making a number of needed repairs, as well as putting our tract rack to very good use and printing a bulletin (now only mailed once a month).

“During the past year I have preached in meetings at Bridgeview, IL; Ravenswood, WV; and Glen Ellyn, IL; plus participated in lectureships at Bridgeview, IL; Chicago, IL (74th St.); and Aurora, IL (West Side). One of our members (Jerry Farley) also preaches twice a month for the church in downtown Chicago (410 S. Michigan).

“Plans are presently underway for us to move to Leland, IL (a small community of about 800 people – with other communities near by also in need of the truth) and assist brethren there in starting a new congregation the first of June. At present, Plano is the only faithful church from Aurora all the way to the Iowa state line (between the areas of Rockford and Peoria – a big hole that needs to. have the truth!). We have a small nucleus of 3-4 families to start and will be working closely with the Plano church in this effort. This means I will need not only to raise my full support, but moving expenses as well. This will be a big step of faith for us, but one we look forward to. If any congregation can help us any, we would be glad to hear from you – one time contribution or regular monthly support. I believe the church is looking up in this area, and hope the next few years will see several other new congregations begun. It will be a long, hard and tiring job; but the church is definitely gaining strength as it goes.”

Daniel H. King, 1236 Sixty-third Street, Downers Grove, IL 60515

“This has been a very good year for us at Downers Grove in almost every way. In terms of responses to the gospel, we had an exceptional number: 19 were baptized into Christ, 3 confessed wrongs and were restored, and 8 identified with the church. While the congregation is not that large, still we had good attendance, the averages for the year being: 127 for Sunday A.M., 83 for Sunday P.M., and 73 for mid-week Bible Study. At a recent Sunday morning worship period, we are encouraged by the fact that we surpassed our attendance goal of 160, posting an attendance for that service of 164.

“Our contribution this year averaged $1410.14 per week. This allowed us to help several men in the field in addition to our local work. We fully supported brother Casimiro Nacional in Ozamiz City in the Philippines, in addition to which we aided them in the construction of a meeting-house where brother Nacional preaches. We helped brother Wallace Little in his upcoming trip to the Philippines with a check for $300. Other men that we had fellowship with in the proclamation of the gospel here at home are as follows: James Head in Milwaukee; Carl Curry in Red Wing, Minnesota; Robert Speer in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin; Wilson Copeland in Minneapolis, Minnesota; Chuck Kozens in Pine City, Minnesota; Carl Hennecke in Davenport, Iowa; and James Smelser in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Brother Bill Hood was supported here at Downers Grove as he worked with us in our preacher training program.

“I was also privileged to participate in several gospel meetings this year with different churches. I will offer a few remarks regarding each one:

“(1) Chickasaw Drive, Huntington, Tenn. This was my second meeting with these good brethren. They have finished a lovely new meeting-house, are at peace and growing steadily. Brother Henry Robinson worked with them until the middle of 1979. He is a fine man with excellent family. The church has made progress largely owing to his sacrifices and the cooperation the brethren have given him. It was his plan to give up “full-time” preaching to go into secular work. He will be sorely missed. But all of us appreciate his several years of sacrifice and labor regardless of his future plans. We know that he will continue to work faithfully in whatever capacity he chooses to serve.

“I was singularly impressed with the proliferation and growth numerically of sound churches in West Tennessee. Liberal brethren are in a panic, many having believed that the `antis are dying on the vine.’ In that part of the country they are having special meetings and conferences, bewailing the fact that ‘anti-ism is knocking at our own back door.’ I am not a prophet, but I can foresee a time when some of them will begin to wake up to the fact that they have been fed pure deception on that count. For many of the liberals in West Tennessee that time is now!

“(2) 10th St., Rockford, Ill. It was good to be with brother Ray Farris for a week in May of 1979. Ray is doing an excellent job in Rockford. The church is growing and prospering! They now have an excellent building in which to meet and their numbers are steadily increasing. The church now has elders, with Ray serving among their number. While there, I was able to speak on Sunday afternoon for the new church that began meeting in Beloit, Wisconsin this year. They have now moved to Janesville, Wisconsin. At present they need a man to work with them on a full time basis as their evangelist.

“(3) Hobart, Indiana. In April, I was also with Wendall Powell and the brethren that meet in Hobart, Indiana for a weeks meeting. It was a very enjoyable and fruitful series for us all. Wendell is a good man, sincere and capable. The church is enjoying peace and steady growth.

“(4) Terrytown church in Gretna, Lousiana. I was in Lousiana for two weeks in early June. The second week I held a gospel meeting for the new congregation in Terrytown. It was another opportunity for my family and myself to be associated with Luther Bolenbarker and his lovely family. At the time, Luke and Brother Bill Draffen were sharing the preaching and teaching responsibilities there. Both Luke and Bill are excellent preachers and teachers. Since that time, Luke has moved to work with the church at Greens Bayou, in Houston, Texas where he has gone into full-time preaching. Bill does most of the preaching and teaching at Terrytown and preaches on the radio on Sunday mornings. He has an excellent program on a large station with a good time slot. The congregation is very zealous and has some marvelous people who comprise its membership. Few can match the ability and love for truth that characterizes Bill Draffen. At this time, the church is seeking a man to work with them as evangelist. New Orleans has only two small faithful churches at the present time. A man is sorely needed to help in the difficult but rewarding field that is the New Orleans area. The meeting there was exciting as well as rewarding, since one was restored in the effort.

“(5) Brooklyn Park in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In July, I was in two meetings in Minnesota. The first week I stayed in the home of Wilson Copeland and Becky. The Brooklyn Park church is small but growing. Brother Copeland has shown himself both capable and energetic in his work with the church there. He and Ron Howes, who works with the Summit and Grotto church in St. Paul, have started a call-in type of radio program on one of the larger stations in the Twin Cities area; it is causing some little commotion among the denominationalists there. With such enthusiastic young men as Wilson and Ron working in the Twin Cities, things look very bright and hopeful for the future.

“(6) Pine City, Minnesota. My second week in Minnesota was spent in the home of Chuck Kozens and his family. It was a joy also to be associated with brother Albert Wanous. Both men keep an incredible schedule of Bible studies with both members and non-members alike. They do so under very difficult conditions, since many of the home studies are in widely scattered areas around the countryside. Each morning was spent at brother Wanous’ house in conversation and Bible study, while the afternoons were given over to studies in the homes of others. Both men are to be commended for their persistence and the sheer abundance of their toils. During that meeting the brethren rejoiced to witness one young woman added to the body of Christ. She was baptized in a local lake.

“(7) Plano, Illinois. This was the second meeting with the fine church at Plano. The church is overseen by excellent elders and has a young man presently working with them, brother Rick Billingsley. The response to the preaching was excellent all week long. Numerous visitors from the community came to the services, but none was added to the Lord.

“(8) Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. In November I was with the good church `at the Rapids’ in Wisconsin. Brother Robert Speer has spent 10 years working with this congregation under very difficult circumstances. His wife and family are very supportive, notwithstanding. The liberal element in the area seems to delight in causing him all the heartache they can and keeping the church in a virtual uproar. In spite of this, Robert’s influence for good is felt throughout the community and even among brethren associated with the liberal church at Stevens Point (much to their chagrin), ,I was there at the beginning of snow season, but the foul weather did not seem to dampen the enthusiasm of the audience or hurt the crowds. Attendance was good and one was baptized into Christ.

“The church at Downers Grove made it possible for me to be at Brooklyn Park and Pine City, Minnesota as well as in Wisconsin Rapids. Downers is now overseen by three excellent and well qualified elders. This year four deacons were appointed to serve the Downers Grove church. This completes our second year in the Chicago-land area. We feel that they are among the most fruitful and enjoyable of our lives. We therefore look forward to 1980 with expectation of more good things to come.”

Dudley R. Spears, 1657 Parkside Drive, Bowling Green, KY 42101

“I moved to work with this congregation in December 1978. The church was suffering the effects of a senseless division that occurred in the fall of 1977. However, the past year has been a good year for West End.

“We began the year with attendance running about 150 for morning services and it has grown slightly to about 160 per Lord’s Day morning service. We lost eleven members due to moving out of town and one through the necessity of withdrawal. There were three baptisms and no record was made of restorations. We did have five to place membership.

“We began the year with an excellent gospel meeting in which brother James Finney, Fair Lawn, NJ preached. Brother Finney endeared himself to the members here and all who visited our meeting. If memory serves me correctly, there were two restorations resulting from the meeting. The attendance was above the average for meetings here.

“I was away for five weeks, preaching in West Germany, Switzerland and Romania. In my absence brother John Belcher did the preaching. The church here is blessed with the help of John Belcher. John is in business for himself, but has preached full-time for years in this area and is well-respected and loved by faithful brethren here. John and his family worked with West End during and after the division that took place in 1977. The church here is fortunate to have John remain as a member here.

“In the fall, we had another excellent gospel meeting in which Eugene Britnell, Little Rock, AK did the preaching. All who know Eugene know the caliber of his efforts. We had a special day-time study in which there were over twenty gospel preachers present. Eugene spoke on problems that plague conservative churches of our time. The fall is considered by some, `the holy season’ in and around Warren County, KY. That is why we had so many visiting gospel preachers present.

“We began a personal evangelism class here at West End; it has been well attended and the interest is high. The elders are conducting it. We are showing members how to use the Jule Miller film strips in the homes of prospects. We plan to continue with the Monday night classes as long as possible.

“I preached in a gospel meeting at Scottsville, KY where James Fox preaches and enjoyed being with them. There was one baptism during the meeting. I preached also for the new congregation in Dyersburg, Tennessee that came out of the Northside group. J.T. Smith is preaching for them. There were no visible results.

“Brethren who pass through Bowling Green have a standing and cordial invitation to worship with us. We meet for Bible Study on Lord’s Day at 9:00 a.m., worship at 10:00 a.m. and evening worship at 6:00 p.m. Midweek services are Wednesday at 7:30 p.m.”

Dearl Hooten, 7015 Munson Drive, Olympia, WA 98502

“We moved here three years ago. Our aim then, as now, to contact, teach and baptize. God is so good! He has blessed our efforts and we now have between 20 and 25 in attendance each Lord’s Day. Telephone soliciting, a work I have been introducing to the churches here in the North West, has resulted in 8 baptisms, with many open doors to study God’s Word.

“I am now scheduling my Spring itinerary for those congregations interested in having me come for 5 days, using the telephone to contact and arrange Bible studies. By the help of our precious Lord Jesus, it REALLY works! For more information you can contact me at our home (1-206-866-4034).”

B.G. Echols, 7 Ridgewood Avenue, Glen Ridge, New Jersey 07028

“Although 1979 was not one of our better years, we did see progress in the church in East Orange, N.J. Nine were baptized, two restored and three identified. Our average Sunday morning attendance rose to an all time high of 126 for the year. We start the new year spending $775 per month on evangelism outside of New Jersey.”

Irvin Himmel, 305 Glen Ridge Ave., Temple Terrace, FL 33617

“I am now in year twelve of my work with the church in Temple Terrace. The congregation is served by five elders: Griffin Copeland, J.D. Evans, Jr., Robert N. Morris, Clifton A. Sanford, and Arlin R. Wilsher, Sr. There are two deacons: William H. Byers and Dennis Clouse.

“Currently, Ferrell Jenkins is working with us on a part-time basis, assisting in the teaching program. In the fall, he taught a special Sunday afternoon class on `Between the Testaments,’ and is now teaching a special on `The Book of Revelation.’ Also, he teaches classes for college students on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening.

“In 1980, meetings are to be conducted here by Melvin Curry in the spring and Robert Turner in the fall.

“The church offers a correspondence course, publishes a weekly bulletin (for local circulation), and has work group arrangement to encourage personal involvement. I write a weekly question and answer column which is carried free in four community newspapers widely circulated in Tampa and Hillsborough County.

“The Temple Terrace congregation numbers about 125 members, not counting college students who are with us only during the school year. Our building is located at 501 Bullard Parkway (Busch Blvd. becomes Bullard Parkway at the Temple Terrace city limits).

“We provide opportunities and lend encouragement to young men who desire to preach the gospel. Among the boys who grew up here and are now preaching full-time are the following: Brent Lewis in California; Richard Copeland in Alabama; Frank Himmel in Lousiana.

“Temple Terrace spends about $1500 per month in assisting with the support of a number of preachers in other places. It is a pleasure to be a part of this good congregation.”

Earl E. Robertson, Route 4, Tompkinsville, Kentucky 42167

“We rejoice over the opportunities to preach Christ and worship God during the past year. The Lyons Chapel church conducted three gospel meetings with some being baptized. Most of these were heads of families. The church here has grown in spiritual maturity as well as numbers. We are giving support to four other preachers regularly and buying a lengthy space in the local newspaper weekly.

“In the spring, I preached at Walton Chapel, Lafayette, TN, where brother Fox preaches; Greenwood, IN, with Dale Smelser; Johnson City, TN, with Jerry Sayre; Nicholasville, KY, with Walter Stephens; Detroit, MI, with Don Jarabeck and Beaver Dam, KY, where Tom Wheeler preaches. In the summer I was in Lisbon, OH with Jerry Crihfield; Windsor, KY, with Lenville Glass; Bloomfield, KY, with Regie Robards and Kettle, KY, with Bill Krantz. In the fall, I went to Shelbyville, TN, with Eugene Crawley; Evansville, IN with Gene Taylor; Paden City, WV, with Ralph Brousourd and Bowling Green, KY with Davie Padfield.

“In addition to local men preaching in my absence, three preachers whom we help support preached and gave reports of the work they were doing. Also, Denny Allan, one of the most able young preachers among us, worked throughout the summer. God has blessed us and we enter the new year and decade with confidence and hope.”

Steve Willis, 656 S. Wisteria Drive, Melbourne, FL 32901

“I have been working here in Melbourne at the Eau Gallie Church of Christ for about three and one-half years. Before I came here, the church had two elders, but one moved away, leaving no appointed leaders. As the church began to look for other men to appoint, she went through some hard times internally. After nearly five years without leadership, two men, Lowell Frazier and Charles Lloyd, were appointed as elders in October of 1979, and things are relatively at peace at this time. We are the process now of studying and considering men to appoint as deacons.

“The Eau Gallie church presently consists of about 30 families with Sunday morning attendance usually in the eighties. Our contribution until recently was near $440 per week, although since the beginning of the year it seems to have taken a turn for the better, perhaps over $500. Out of this, we publish a bulletin (handed out locally), carry a newspaper article, support one man locally (S. Willis), and two abroad (J. Bejagon, Philippines; B. Cass, South Africa). We usually try to have a gospel meeting near the time of the Florida College lectures. In the past we have had Robert Turner, Mike Willis, Earl Robertson and John Clark. For the future we have asked Bill Cavender, Wiley Adams, and Dee Bowman.

“Melbourne is located on the east coast of Florida – almost opposite of Tampa. Our address is: Eau Gallie Church of Christ, P.O. Box 277, 1079 Sarno Road, Melbourne, Florida 32935.”

C. Titus Edwards, 6532 Arizona Avenue, Hammond, IN 46323

“We have enjoyed significant progress here at Hessville in 1979. 1979 saw 22 public responses to the gospel here. 8 were baptized (mostly outsiders that ‘had been studied with); 7 unfaithful members were restored and identified with us, making a total of 15 additions to the church. 6 of our own members were restored and 1 member from another area was also restored. With about 82 members, this represents a little more than 1 response for every 4 members!

“Our attendance and contribution continued to rise in 1979. Our Sunday morning worship service attendance was up 5% (84 average) for the year. Our Wednesday night service jumped 13% and our contribution more than 16% to $788 per week!

“Our major area of work is with our mass mailout bulletin program. Once a month we mail a special bulletin to all of the homes in Hessville (about 5800). Its main purpose is to teach the Word, but it also promotes and advertises the church here, as well as leads us to good prospects. The results have been good! One was baptized and one unfaithful Christian was restored by contact of the bulletin. Several people requested correspondence courses or tracts. Several wrote letters or called about specific articles written. We have also had several visitors to our services because of the bulletin. One article on the Jehovah’s Witnesses did much to curtail their door-to-door success. We are still working with some good prospects that were contacted through the bulletin. Not only are we pleased with the results, but also that it involves about 80% of our members in this evangelistic program. Most of our members help in writing out the addresses of the bulletins.

“1979 also saw the initiation of general meetings. All of our members are encouraged to come to these (held 3 or 4 times a year), whereby we openly discuss the major works decided upon and also to talk about what we want to do in the future. Communication is a problem in many churches. This is one way to help solve that problem. It also encourages all to feel a part of the work, not just a few men. Plans have been made to expand our mailout bulletin program to surrounding areas and to possibly relocate in the future.

“The church here allowed me to hold 9 gospel meetings elsewhere. In these efforts, 4 were restored and 2 baptized. We held two meetings here (one with Leonard Tyler and the other with Dee Bowman). In our meeting with brother Bowman, we moved our Sunday night services from 6:00 P.M. to 7:30 P.M. We set a modern record for us in attendance that night. The record was broken Thursday and again Friday. We averaged 109 for the entire meeting. Though there were no public responses, the meeting did much to uplift us. Many visitors were present that we are still studying with. Brother Bowman did a superb job!

“Though 1979 was a good year, we look for an even better one in 1980! We have several classes going with some excellent prospects for the near future. We continue to plan for the future, showing our faith in it!”

William C. Sexton, 1937 Judson, Manhattan, KS 66502

“June 1, 1979 saw the congregation of the Lord’s people which is trying to hold forth the Lord’s word of life move into a rented building, out of the basement meeting place in a family’s home, where it had met since its beginning. This was the date that I came to commence working with the congregation, the first time it had a `full-time’ evangelist.

“December 1, 1979 saw the congregation move into property that had been purchased at 1112 Pierre, two blocks south of the City Buildings. We consider that we are fortunate to be able to purchase this on contract, even though real estate is not moving at this time – due to the lack of available money and the/ high interest rates. This property is a small house, but we have taken out some walls and, hopefully in time, will transform it into a suitable meeting place. We still have a long way to go but we are working to that end.

“We have between 20 and 40 in our meetings. Since June, three people have been baptized, one restored, two placed membership with us. We have had two meetings: August 6-10, in which I did the preaching; October 29-Nov. 4, in which Orman Henderson – sent by the Nashua congregation in Kansas City, Missouri – did the preaching.

“Due to one of the members who works in Civil Service at Ft. Riley, we have a study going there during the `lunch hour’ from which two people have obeyed the `first principles’ and become members of the Lord’s church. We have had several other Bible study sessions in Manhattan, Ft. Riley, and Junction City. We have been taking advantage of an opportunity to conduct a Bible study, singing and visiting at the College Hill home for the aged here the 4th Sunday of the month. We run a weekly ad in the local paper, The Manhattan Mercury, and sometimes we run an announcement in the Kansas State Collegian – student paper at Kansas State University. We have handed out Your Personal Invitation announcements in different areas of the city. We have called upon people outside Manhattan to send us names of people who are coming to our area and/or who live here.

“We print a monthly bulletin, The Manhattan Messenger, and send it to all whose names we have secured some way which indicates that this person may be interested in Truth. We are interested in meeting and studying with anyone who is the least bit interested and will give us a `fair hearing.’ So, if you know of anyone in this area who might be interested, please give us his name and address. We will contact him and try to study the Bible with him. Ft. Riley and K-State University have the potential for new people coming. So, you who may know of one whom we can contact, tell us of him and tell him of us. Please do that.

“A sad note: we shall be losing two families in May (military people: one going to Germany and one to Panama). Perhaps there are others coming here who need us; we need you, and we all need the Lord.

“I plan to hold a meeting April 20-25 for the congregation in Topeka, 50 miles from Manhattan, which meets at 553 Wilson. May 19-25, I plan to be in a meeting at St. Peters, Missouri in the St. Louis area. The date of our meetings here in Manhattan have not been determined at this time, but we hope to have two – one in both the spring and fall.”

Bob Tuten, 2212 Jordan Lane S.W., Huntsville, AL 35805

“It was my pleasure to move to Huntsville, Alabama with my wife and three sons to begin work with the Jordan Park congregation September 1 st, 1977. Since that time twenty precious -.outs were baptized and 22 were restored to the faith.

“The Jordan Park church began the new year of 1980 with a great deal of optimism and we look forward to the opportunities before us. During the year of 1979 there were 10 baptisms and 13 restorations. Average attendance was 160 Wed. B.S.; 189 Sun. B.S.; and 206 Sun. worship. The average contribution was $1,339.00 per Sunday. $281.78 of this amount was used for benevolence.

“During 1979 only one gospel meeting was conducted with Leonard Tyler as guest speaker. A very successful Vacation Bible School was conducted in June. The church continued to publish a bi-weekly bulletin entitled Truth’s Appeal which was mailed to anyone wishing to receive it. A thirty minute radio program was conducted each Sunday morning at 9:00 A.M. over WBHP AM.

“In addition to the support I received as the regular preacher, the church assisted in the regular support of six other men: Derek Daniel in England; Eric Reed in Africa; Jim Lovell in Africa; Doris Rader in Tennessee; Giles Painter in North Carolina; and Charles Wright in Alabama. In addition to these, the church will assume partial support of Charles Davis here in Huntsville. Various home Bible studies were conducted during the year and various printed tracts distributed.

“We continue to thank God that the work progresses smoothly and peacefully under the leadership of three elders assisted by five deacons. With the help of God we shall challenge the opportunities of 1980 with the same zeal and dedication.”

Truth Magazine XXIV: 13, pp. 197-202
March 20, 1980