For Such A Time As This

By Kim Dobbs

Was I, like Esther, put here “for such a time as this”? A weary heart to comfort? A skinned up knee to kiss?

Should I take the time to stop and speak to them today? Oh, it’s not that important. I’ll do it another day.

Am I the one that God expects to teach my new-found friend?

Or maybe there is someone else that he has planned to send.

Maybe there’s someone I know drowning in despair. Am I the one God’s counting on to show them someone cares?

Is there someone that I know being led astray?

Am I the one to take the time to talk to them today?

A lonely person that I know that simply sits for hours: Am I the one to call or send a card or maybe flowers?

Is there a lonely child I know that needs some special care?

Do you think God has put me here to show some loving care?

Am Ito use my influence to change some moral wrong? Yes, I think God expects me to, so now I must be strong.

I must look for opportunities to heal, to help, to save. And “if for such a time as this,” like Esther, I must be brave.

Guardian of Truth XL: 8 p. 4
April 18, 1996