G. A. (Art) Corbett

By Canadian Prince

With deep sadness I received the news that Art Corbett of Jordan, Ontario, Canada departed this life on April 27, 1993 after an extended illness. The Corbetts, Art and Lillian, have been a bulwark of strength in the Lord’s work in Ontario, Canada for over 50 years. They were baptized by Roy E. Cogdill after the first gospel sermon they heard (though there had been some private studies before that). They grew rapidly in Christ and became active not only in the work at Jordan, but throughout the province of Ontario. They have given liberally of their time, talent and resources to promote the cause of Christ.

I first met them in my first meeting in Ontario which was at Owen Sound in 1961. Since then it has been my privilege to preach in 25 gospel meetings in Ontario, most of which were attended by the Corbetts and some of which were largely financed by them. Their home was always a haven of hospitality for gospel preachers. After a series of strokes weakened him, he had to be hospitalized. Lillian lovingly and faithfully took care of him.

The Corbett children and grandchildren have been active in the Lord’s work also. Funeral services were con-ducted on April 30 from the Tallman Funeral Home in Vineland with the service conducted by family members. Jim Nicholson, a son-in-law, spoke at the services, as did John Hains, who is married to a granddaughter. Grand-sons were pallbearers.

With the death of Art Corbett a noble era passes in the work in Ontario. He loved the truth and those who preached it. He could ably fill the pulpit and served for many years as one of the elders at Jordan. His convictions were never for sale. His influence, together with other good men, kept the church at Jordan steady when many were being lured into institutationalism. We will miss our dear friend and brother. Our loving sympathy is extended to his wife Lillian and to all the children and grandchildren.

Guardian of Truth XXXVII: 11, p. 7
June 3, 1993