Guardian of Truth Foundation Announces Plan to Publish New Testament Commentary Series

By Mike Willis and Melvin Curry

For several years, planning has been done in order to produce a set of commentaries on the entire New Testament written by those who are Christians. Recognizing that most evangelical commentaries are written by men with a Calvinist point of view, the Board of Directors saw the need for a set of commentaries which avoids the errors of Calvinism, presents a sound exegesis of the biblical text, is devotional in tone, and is written on the level of the common man.

Melvin Curry, head of the Bible Department at Florida College, has agreed to serve as the general editor of this series of commentaries. Brother Curry is eminently qualified for this task, holding a Ph.D. degree from Florida State University. He has been preaching for nearly 35 years and teaching at Florida College in the Bible department for nearly 25 years. His scholarship is widely recognized by those who have been his students and his colleagues. Mike Willis will work with him in producing this series.

A Commentary on Paul’s First

Epistle To The Corinthians by Mike Willis will be made a part of this set of commentaries. A second volume by Mike Willis on Galatians is written and will be published when editorial work can be completed. Brother Curry has accepted the assignment of 2 Corinthians and has committed himself to have a volume ready for publication by 1992. Listed below are other assignments which have been made.

Matthew Maurice Barnett

Mark L.A. Stauffer

John Daniel King

Acts Hoyt H. Houchen

Romans Almon Williams

Ephesians Colly Caldwell

Philippians Sewell Hall

1 & 2 Thessalonians Steve Wolfgang

1 & 2 Timothy Weldon Warnock

Titus Marshall Patton

1, 2, & 3 John Barney Keith

Work is already in progress on several volumes. If the project moves according to schedule, volumes should begin to be released for publication in 1992-3.

The project will consist of 15-20 volumes in its final form. Hence, this is a major publication venture for the Guardian of Truth Foundation, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Financial planning is already being done to pay for the first books of this series.

The Guardian of Truth Foundation is committed to this project to underwrite the publishing costs of this series. Already one man has agreed to donate the cost for publishing the volume on 2 Corinthians and his monthly donations are already coming in. We hope that others will want to join with him in contributing money to publish this series of commentaries at the earliest possible date. Any funds received on this project will be placed in an interest-bearing escrow account to generate additional funds while the books are being written.

Through this series of commentaries, we hope that future generations will be able to study the word of God at the feet of men whose knowledge of the Scriptures and doctrinal soundness are impeccable.

Guardian of Truth XXXI: 13, p. 393
July 2, 1987